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Brutal Fruit launches first Women – only venue in Soweto

Soweto: A girls’ night out should be a fun occasion and an opportunity to enjoy time with your friends at a venue that is welcoming. However, the reality is that many women feel there are limited spaces where they can truly feel free and enjoy a night out on the town.

As a woman-centric brand, Brutal Fruit Spritzer, epitomises uninhibited freedom, celebration and belonging. This Woman’s Month the beverage is ‘creating a space for SHE to BE free, comfortable, inspired and her authentic self’. This is according to Candice van den Bosch, Acting Head of Brand at Brutal Fruit Spritzer.

“We are mindful of the importance of creating spaces where women can feel free to celebrate and have fun in an uninhibited way, and as such we have established a women-only pop-up venue in Soweto, aptly named SheBeen. A play on the word shebeen, this venue is in response to the call of many South African women who often fear going out at night to have some fun. SheBeen is an elegant, women-only, and female-centric venue that will be inclusive and accessible to all women in Gauteng during the month of August, in celebration of National Women’s month.

“The establishment of SheBeen was born out of our brand proposition of ‘You Belong’, which seeks to promote women’s joy, belonging and freedom, without any hesitation or interference. SheBeen exudes our brand values of making women feel special. It’s also about creating aesthetically beautiful and comfortable spaces for women to enjoy this Women’s Month. SheBeen is all about providing women with a space that enriches their experience and allows them to be authentic, inspired and celebrated during National Women’s month,” says van den Bosch.

SheBeen, van den Bosch explains, was designed as an oasis for women to fully enjoy themselves. Van den Bosch further explains that Brutal Fruit Spritzer is partnering with SAB Sharp’s Responsible Trader Programme to integrate SheBeen responsible consumption criteria ensuring outlets are compliant.

Some of this criterion includes having sufficient lighting inside and outside the facility, having working CCTV cameras, and having a presence of visible personnel to maintain order and decorum.

In addition, these facilities must have visible and accessible communication material that promotes responsible drinking, should have clean basins for handwashing in the restrooms, have demarcated, fully functional, well lit, and clearly marked bathrooms for males and females.

“Through our responsible trading programme audit, we audit 30 000 retailers every year against responsible trading practices. We have identified key elements which relate to creating safer spaces for women including sufficient lighting or visible security. Outlets which meet these criteria are deemed SheBeen compliant and will be rewarded by the brand,” says Zoleka Lisa, South African Breweries (SAB), Corporate Affairs Vice-President.

SheBeen was  launched on Wednesday, 9th August 2023 at the revamped RockerFella in Molapo, Soweto.