Why we need to talk about loneliness in business travel

When we think about the challenges of business travel, obvious issues like jet lag, disrupted schedules, and being away from home come to mind....

Fintech iKhokha highlights resourceful SMEs and entrepreneurs as crucial contributors to local development and employment in new documentary

A new documentary has been launched which chronicles the entrepreneurial journey of Jabu Malungane, founder of Jabu Atchar. The current unemployment rate in South Africa...

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Using AI as your jobhunting sidekick

Today’s recruiters, particularly at large organisations, are using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to screen CVs quickly, track job applicants, generate job ads and more...

The Rise of Cloud Software Development: Transforming Business Success

Cloud software development has revolutionised the way businesses create and deploy software, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. This shift has enabled organisations...

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