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Wozzaah flavour is exactly what Africa tastes like, says Can designer

The combination of the colors and how much of the different colors where used on the new coca cola limited edition Wozzaah flavour can represent Africa, said designer of the can and award winning Kenyan artist and illustrator, Joy Richu.

Inspired by the isiZulu term for “come here” or “join us,” Coca-Cola Wozzaah zero sugar invites everyone to delve into the heart of African culture and experience its energetic and dynamic essence.

The limited-edition Coca-Cola Creation is a world-first for Coca-Cola, as it is the first product to be made 100% in Africa. The taste of Coca-Cola Wozzaah begins with the known classic Coke flavour,  remixed with unique, tropical notes that are found nowhere else but in Africa.

Coca-Cola added that the Wozzaah flavour was crafted to embody the pulsating rhythm and dynamic energy of Africa. Proving the refreshing Coca-Cola taste fans know and love, remixed with vibrant, tropical flavours inspired by Africa. Its captivating pulse and innovative blend seamlessly fuse a kaleidoscope of flavours for fans to enjoy, found nowhere else but in Africa. 

The design of each can of Coca-Cola Wozzaah can boasts contemporary typography and bursts of vivid color that captures the dynamic rhythm of African culture, infused with the heightened expression of the continent’s boundless creativity.

Speaking to Lifestyle and Tech, Richu said:  “When I saw the can being unveiled I actually cried, the colours on the can communicate the beauty of Africa, the vibrancy of Africa designed to celebrate African voices and narratives. For me the flavour is delicious, a combination of the traditional coke that we know and an introduction of a new dynamic vibrant flavour with an essence that communicates what Africa is.  

The mystery began with a cube placed in Sandton,  displaying a countdown that asked, “What does Africa taste like?” —  sparking curiosity and anticipation and setting the stage for the dramatic reveal of the new product.

Entertaining the crowd of influencers was the official face and ambassador of the flavour, Uncle Waffles.

Coca-Cola said partnering with Uncle Waffles will play a pivotal role in bringing Wozzaah to life. Renowned for her electrifying performances and unwavering commitment to celebrating African culture, Uncle Waffles promises to infuse the flavours experience with unparalleled energy and celebrations that can be connected to fans across the world.