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MotiMoves webinar

MotiMoves, a free online entrepreneurship programme dedicated to empowering young entrepreneurs, is thrilled to announce its upcoming webinar on 27 June at 8pm, aimed at inspiring and supporting aspiring business leaders.

Hosted by renowned entrepreneur and billionaire Zunaid Moti, the monthly webinar will provide expert guidance as the programme covers a wide range of topics, including business strategy, financial planning, marketing, and branding, leadership development, etc.  To add to the pot, individuals who register by 26 June will stand a chance of winning several exciting giveaways, such as five R10,000 vouchers and R20,000 in data vouchers.

In addition to the free online mentorship, each month one lucky person will win exclusive usage of his Porsche 911, R50,000 to spend on their business and 2-hours direct mentorship with Zunaid.

MotiMoves runs a monthly competition which encourages mentees to submit a comprehensive business proposal outlining their goals, strategies, and how they plan to utilise the Porsche 911 and R50,000 allowance to promote their business. The business proposal should showcase how winning the competition can positively influence the growth of their business.

In the first webinar held at the beginning of June, participants were invited to submit their business plans for feedback. Moti further pledged R30 million in venture funding for any game-changing business ideas.

The June winner will be the first one for the MotiMoves programme and will be announced on 27 June.

In a remarkable display of generosity, Moti further plans to run an online charity auction during the upcoming webinar, offering attendees a chance to spend two hours with him personally to gain the benefits of his deep knowledge of the business world and to possibly leverage off of his network. The minimum bid for this exclusive opportunity is R10,000, and the winning bidder will have the privilege of joining Moti at a renowned restaurant.

Transportation for the winner will be arranged via a private jet or helicopter for those residing outside of Johannesburg, depending on their location. All proceeds from the auction will then be donated to a charity which will be nominated during the live webinar.

MotiMoves seeks to provide practical guidance, mentorship, and resources to young entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and to allow young entrepreneurs to just be heard and acknowledged for their contribution to the business community. Through a series of webinars and networking opportunities, Moti hopes to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that will nurture and empowers the next generation of leaders and innovators.

MotiMoves is excited to partner with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and empower them with valuable tips from one of the country’s most successful businesspeople. The webinar promises to be an enriching experience, offering valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice for building successful businesses.

To participate in the event, individuals can register for the MotiMoves webinar through the official website at https://www.zunaid-moti.co.za.

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