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Experience the thrill of HUAWEI’s latest breakthrough in smartphone camera technology

Experience the thrill of HUAWEI’s latest breakthrough in smartphone camera technology with the highly impressive HUAWEI P60 Pro. Unveiling a world of possibilities, HUAWEI has once again redefined the boundaries of mobile photography. Behind this remarkable achievement lies a well-kept secret, as the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence stems from a transformative shift in their developmental approach.

Enter XMAGE—a term that has emerged within HUAWEI’s captivating collaterals. Yet, don’t be quick to dismiss it as a mere marketing buzzword, for it encompasses far more than meets the eye.

XMAGE represents the technology brand’s dedicated imaging division, laser-focused on the comprehensive development of smartphone cameras. From ground breaking advancements in camera hardware technology to ground breaking computational photography algorithms, XMAGE stands as a testament to HUAWEI’s audacious pursuit of leading their own imaging technology breakthroughs.

Rooted in reality: The new texture engine

If cameras were invented to capture memories and replicate what our eyes see, then authenticity forms the basis of great photography. XMAGE recognises this as fact and roots its style in reality.

Unlike other cameras that want to correct and airbrush details, the XMAGE camera believes beauty is truth itself. XMAGE has trained its algorithms to enhance existing features on a photograph and bring out every detail of the photograph in full clarity.

One exemplary feature is its latest XD Fusion Pro improvements which include a texture engine, found on the HUAWEI P60 Pro cameras, the texture engine fine-tunes even the smallest textural details and injects more realism into the photograph as a whole.

For example, when using the HUAWEI P60 Pro camera to photograph embellished jewellery or large metallic sculptures in the park, the new Texture Engine extracts high-dimensional features from a deep neutral network formed by AI machine learning. Through convolutional layers and sampling, the global and local information of the object’s textural features in the real environment can be extracted, and the real texture seen by the naked eye can be accurately restored at millisecond level during the imaging process.

With such abilities to produce true-to-life photographs, HUAWEI P60 Pro users can now experience the real meaning of “what you see is what you get” or “SeeTheUnSeen”.

The XMAGE styles: Original, Vivid, Bright

When it comes to authenticity, XMAGE also presents different colour tones through vividness and clarity. With three different image styles – Original, Vivid, and Bright – users can add new life into different scenes and enjoy enhanced images that replicate their visual memories more closely.

These XMAGE tones are based on the primary colours of XMAGE, where two different tonalities are presented to form a complete colour tonality system. XMAGE renders the immersive atmosphere of rich and complex colours as well as the balance between light and dark, to obtain subliminal effects that recreate realistic scenes. For instance, distinctive colours found in sunsets and autumn leaves are captured with XMAGE, which uses HUAWEI’s cameras to produce clarity, brightness and vividness. On the other hand, when used to photograph people and food, vivid colours, light, and shadows can be recreated and detailed through the XMAGE’s processing of colour.

Exactitude in colour: Driven by professional R&D with certified experts

As colour science is ever evolving and complex, the XMAGE team sought to drive multidisciplinary colour research encompassing psychophysics, physiology, psychology, aesthetics and art theory. To accomplish such breadth in research, the team at XMAGE worked on extensive partnerships with various specialists in the field to further its cameras’ capabilities.

The team gathered expert specialists from several HUAWEI research institutes around the world, including China, Finland, and Japan, covering eight major research fields, including art, psychology, optics, and colour science. The brand also involved TASCII (Tsinghua Colour & Imaging Institute) of Tsinghua University in the process, conducting its research and development on over 3.3 million images submitted by XMAGE Awards participants.

If nature’s thousands of colours were transposed unto a grand musical score, the XMAGE style presented by the HUAWEI P60 Pro is the brand’s most unique performance of this musical symphony yet. Capturing the spirit of XMAGE, the mobile smartphone camera is more than just a photography, but a medium for people to savour the nuances and sublimities of life, and a microcosm of the world itself.

Recently, the HUWEI P60 Pro was awarded the Top Camera Smartphone, emerging No. 1 on DXOMARK’s rankings for its technological breakthroughs in imaging. To experience this excellence, purchase the HUAWEI P60 Pro from the HUAWEI online store or from selected retail stores.

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