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Zunaid Moti empowers South African youth on Youth Day

On this momentous Youth Day, Zunaid Moti, the billionaire business maverick and fearless entrepreneur, has announced his bold vision to empower the youth of South Africa through entrepreneurship. With his groundbreaking online mentorship intervention programme MotiMoves, Zunaid is revolutionising the entrepreneurial landscape by offering free online advice to ambitious individuals hungry to learn and build thriving businesses.

MotiMoves is not just a mentorship program; it’s turbocharged rocket fuel for the dreams of Southern African entrepreneurs. Zunaid, known for his sharp wit and unstoppable drive, states, “I don’t proclaim to know everything and I’m not a lecturer but I can assure the youth that through MotiMoves, I aim to help turn their business dreams into reality, whether its through advice, encouraging innovative ideas, providing some funding where it’s warranted, and having a good chuckle with them.”

Moti, the business trailblazer with a heart of gold, has pledged an awe-inspiring R30 million to fund game-changing business ideas that align with his commercial interests. “I’m putting my money where my dreams are,” chuckles Moti. “Seriously though, empowerment begins with belief in your own potential and having the courage to chase your dreams. If I can offer that inspiration the youth, I consider my MotiMoves program successful.”

To further supercharge the dreams of these rising stars, Moti has also introduced a mind-blowing monthly initiative. Each month, one lucky winner will get the keys to his beloved Porsche 911, accompanied by R50,000 allowance to boost their business idea or fuel the growth of their existing company. “Buckle up, my friends,” quips Moti, “because together we’re driving your business to victory lane!”

Moti’s commitment to the youth of South Africa is not just a promise; it’s a revolution in the making. With MotiMoves and his unrivaled financial backing, he’s tearing down barriers and erecting a new entrepreneurial empire. “I’m on a mission to ignite a spark in the hearts of young South Africans,” concludes Moti. “Together, we’ll build a future that’s bold, audacious, and downright unforgettable!”

For more information about Zunaid Moti and his transformative initiatives, please visit www.zunaid-moti.co.za or follow him on his social media platforms, which have had 10 million+ hits in less than 8 weeks.

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