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HONOR Magic6 Pro: Unleashing the Power of MagicOS 8.0

Global technology brand HONOR ushered in a new era in AI-powered smartphone capabilities with the launch of the HONOR Magic6 Pro in South Africa. Armed with the all-new MagicOS 8.0 based on Android 14, HONOR is bringing users a glimpse of the future by offering remarkable connectivity.

According to a recent report by IDC, HONOR climbed to the top spot in the China smartphone market in Q1, 2024 capturing a 17.1% market share, thanks to its well-rounded product portfolio and the Magic 6 series which came with popular AI features.

Let’s look at a few standout advanced smart features that truly make the HONOR Magic6 Pro shine.

Magic Capsule

The HONOR Magic6 Pro introduces the innovative Magic Capsule to offer multimodal interaction through touch screen. When users tap on a notification at the top, the Magic Capsule expands to offer additional information related to the notification, enhancing user experience by offering quick and convenient access to relevant information without the need to navigate through multiple system apps, including Calling, Timer, Alarm, Screen Casting, etc.

With the Magic Capsule, relevant details and updates are just a touch away, streamlining users’ interactions and keeping them effortlessly informed.

Magic Portal

Magic Portal

Magic Portal on the other hand utilises AI to understand and comprehend user messages and behaviours and recommend a system app accordingly. All users need to do is long press a message on a chat for example, and drag it to either side panels, where they will be recommended a suitable app, from Google Maps to social media.

This revolutionary feature transforms the way users’ access and interact with their apps, offering a truly intuitive and personalized experience which improves over time.

Smart Folder

Using MagicOS, HONOR turns regular app folders into large ones making it easy for users to find and open the apps they need. You can transform large folders into different sizes with a simple long press and drag. Users can also split an apps functions to create quick access folders. For example, posting a photo on Instagram typically involves opening the app, tapping the post button and then the camera button – a total of three steps. Now with Smart Folder, all you need to do is tap the camera button.

The Magic6 Pro


The Magic6 Pro also features the upgraded MagicRing – which revolutionizes user’s future lifestyles by reshaping the way they interact with their various HONOR devices. It introduces a new level of collaboration and connectivity among devices, offering a seamless and intelligent user experience. With MagicRing, users can effortlessly share and synchronize materials across their HONOR devices, ensuring easy accessibility. Moreover, MagicRing enables real-time sharing of the smartphone camera with HONOR tablets or laptops, enabling the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s camera to be used as a web camera for other HONOR devices.

These four advanced features are a showcase of HONOR’s commitment to simplify the user experience removing unnecessary steps in order to achieve various tasks. What’s more, the HONOR Magic6 Pro comes with Google Mobile Services (GMS) so you can enjoy all your favourite apps.

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is available in Black and Epi Green at selected retailers for the recommended retail price of R27,999.

For more information, please visit HONOR at


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