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HUAWEI’s Brand-new Painting App, GoPaint

According to reports, HUAWEI is set to launch a new self-developed painting app for tablets called GoPaint. The official HUAWEI social accounts kicked off with a teaser of the GoPaint app and noted “Creation begins here! The most powerful HUAWEI-developed app GoPaint is coming, see you on 7 May!” Sources report that the app comes equipped with a wealth of brushes and easy-to-use features for painting.

As the industry’s first smart device vendor to launch a self-developed painting app, HUAWEI has drawn inspiration from the creative needs of consumers. Drawing from the core concept of “Creation of Beauty”, the HUAWEI app aims to enhance user experience through technological innovation, enabling everyone, not just artists, to enjoy the fun of artistic creation.

It is anticipated that HUAWEI will release the GoPaint app at the HUAWEI Innovative Product Launch on May 7th and will bring with it a powerful suite of painting tools. To support its ambitions HUAWEI has also worked with a top art team to develop the app to ensure a rich selection of brushes, and other smart and user-friendly features for painting. And, thanks to a comprehensive set of tutorials, even beginner users can gradually master advanced painting skills with the GoPaint app.