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Vodacom launches ENHANCE

Vodacom is pleased to announce “ENHANCE” a first-in-the-market, allowing customers the ability to add their personal touch and augment their contracts – giving them the choice and control to build their world of connectivity, entertainment, and gaming, all in one.

The simplified value proposition brings convenience for customers and is designed to transform the way they experience their mobile contracts. ENHANCE is more than a traditional contract– it affords customers the ability to personalise their package to reflect their lifestyle, whether they are a gamer or a fitness enthusiast.

“We are cognisant of the fact that in today’s fast-paced world, consumers seek seamless solutions that make managing their daily lives easy. We believe that convenience is the ultimate sophistication.  In response, we have carefully designed ENHANCE to respond to the constant evolving lifestyle needs and behaviours of our customers,” says Rishaad Tayob, Consumer Director at Vodacom South Africa.

ENHANCE allows customers to consolidate their bills and add as many products and services as possible onto one unified bill, meaning no more juggling multiple accounts. Available to customers and their families or friends and everyone close to them, ENHANCE gives customers the flexibility to finance their contracts over 24-month or 36-month terms.

Customers can also trade-in their old devices to enhance their contracts or upgrade towards a new device. In addition, customers can also choose any pre-loved smartphones from our portfolio of “Good As New” Apple smartphones.

In addition, ENHANCE enables customers to access exclusive financial services and digital lifestyle services through VodaPay, thereby allowing them to enjoy discounts and rewards that come standard with Vodacom’s flagship app. By bundling services together, Vodacom passes the benefits of economies of scale directly to the customer.

“As we transition from a telco to a technology player, we are bringing technological solutions that empower customers with a seamless and effortless experience, allowing them to focus on what truly matters in their lives. With the introduction of ENHANCE, we are giving customers value, the flexibility and choice from our range of products and services to add to their contracts, which we hope will redefine convenience and set a new standard, ” concluded Tayob.

With this converged product capability, customers can also add Plug & Play WiFi and add UPS back-up offers to ensure they stay online and powered-up even during the different stages of loadshedding. This dynamic contract enables everyone to also add different devices such as the latest Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox to enhance their entertainment. Fitness enthusiasts can add the latest smart wearables to track and monitor their sports performance and health.

With the Vodacom OneNumber capability, customers can also stay connected without having to carry their primary mobile device. Customers who enjoy binge watching their favourite music and shows, can add valued-added-services (VASes) such as Netflix, Showmax, Prime and Apple Music through our add-to-bill capability.

Vodacom provides favourable rates for comprehensive insurance products for customers to cover their mobile, smart-tech and smart homes devices. Device insurance provides full cover in the event of loss, theft and damage to ensure customers get back online immediately after an incident.

ENHANCE is available in-store, online and on VodaPay, and more information can be accessed through