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Galaxy S23 Ultra – Designed to make your world epic

Every once in a while new technology comes into our lives and makes things better and the smartphones is one such example. Apart from being a handy gadget that keeps us connected, we do so much more with our phones including managing our day-to-day personal and professional lives.

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With Galaxy S23 Ultra, two worlds of Samsung innovation collide. The DNA of the Samsung Galaxy Note, like it’s peak performance and productivity tools, meets the signatures of the S series, like the ground breaking camera. It is an apex smartphone that gives users a premium mobile experience endowed with sheer power and functionality that could make every day epic.

The user interface, One UI 5.1, allows you to enjoy an awesome level of personalisation on your phone. From lock screen customisations that can all be edited from one place, more colour and graphic options, new and upgraded widgets, more than 80 new emojis, 10 new animation effects, and more, your S23 Ultra will give you an experience that is tailor-made for you. With Modes and Routines your phone will get to know your habits such driving, exercising, sleeping etc. and conveniently set itself up to minimise any disturbances. If you receive a call whilst in a meeting, you can answer it simply by typing a message with Bixby Text Call.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra lets you link to the Samsung ecosystem and use it to connect your world, manage and control other connected products, giving you more freedom and flexibility and enhancing your experiences. The embedded S Pen offers great possibilities for productivity, notetaking, hobbies and more. It now supports more apps than ever as it helps you and your phone unlock new ways of being productive and turns moving between different applications into a breeze. You can sign documents and write down important thoughts as and when they enter your mind. You never have to worry about misplacing your S Pen because your phone will notify you if it’s moved when the S Pen is not inserted.

You can capture your life’s epic moments with the ultra-fine resolution and precision of the 200-megapixel super camera. When night falls or in low-light conditions, the camera’s Nightography steps in to ensure you can still get the brightest and clearest photographs. Your videos will look more cinematic thanks to the enhanced 8K video at 30fps with a wider angle. More capabilities mean more power needed to run them and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is able to perform with the help of the long-lasting 5,000mAh battery. If you’re a keen gamer, you’d enjoy your favourite pastime courtesy of the exclusive Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy that gives you top level mobile graphics for the ultimate gaming experience.

For your peace of mind and like all Galaxy devices, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is protected by Knox, Samsung’s defence-grade security platform. Samsung Knox helps protect your phone at all times with hardware-based security that mitigates threats and vulnerabilities throughout the lifecycle of the device.

Buy any Galaxy S23 Series on a mobile contract plan, add the Galaxy Watch5 (from just R49 per month), or Watch5 Pro (from R149 per month) and get free Galaxy Buds2 Pro valued at R3999v. Alternatively, you can buy any Galaxy S23 Series on a cash purchase in store and get free Galaxy Buds2 Pro valued at R3999vi valid till June 30th. Terms and Conditions apply.

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