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Carling Black Label celebrates its 52nd award

Johannesburg– After walking away with the gold trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards recently, Carling Black Label pulled out all the stops by treating their consumers to a dinner prepared by Chef Marcus Modimokwame, with the special ingredient, Carling Black Label.

The event was hosted at the buzzing Shine Studio on Smit Street which overlooks the Johannesburg Skyline which came to life on Saturday night as the street was a hive of activity both inside and outside the venue as the country’s top sports stars, musicians, actors and the VIP of the night, Carling Black Label consumers made their way to the Carling Black Label’s Champions Day event.

Chef Marcus did not hold back as he treated guests to his premium menu which included starters, mains, and desserts infused with Carling’s golden liquid to activate guests’ taste sensations by bringing out the sweetness, creamy and boldness of the golden drink to their plates.

With many guests describing the starter as something they have never had before, Chef Marcus outdid himself by using naartjies and beetroot which he paired with a carling black label infused balsamic glaze to bring out the sweetness of the beer. The creamy samp, which resembled a hug from home, was cooked with the liquid and resembled the beers iconic foam which remains unmatched.

Carling Black Label Brand Manager, Nonjabulo Ndwandwe said the main aim of the collaboration with Chef Marcus was to highlight the brand quality and award winning liquid credentials.

“We wanted to really highlight our quality liquid’s award-winning credentials by creating an experience that people have not had before, so some of the dishes are created with Carling Black Label to bring out the aromatic, full and balanced flavour of our intrinsic and our quality to show people and have them experience the brand in ways they have not done before.

We are saying we are not just Africa’s most awarded beer, that is truly rewarding, but there is so much more that our golden liquid can create so Chef Marcus has created specific dishes for us that are infused with black label.”

Chef Marcus said He only had a week to prepare the premium dishes. The starter was roasted beetroot and citrus salad with a Carling Black Label.

“With the starters, we wanted to bring out the sweetness from the Carling Black Label and that is why we used the Naartjies. We have used the Carling Black label for the glazing that we used in the balsamic reduction, to give it that tanginess that is sweeter, when you have it, you can say, oh now I can taste the fruity aroma that delivers full flavour in the beer. People say beer is often too bitter and that’s why people that drink Carling Black Label find it rewarding and refreshing and that is why a lot of palates will relate to it.

“So, we started thinking what are most South African flavours that people relate to and we started with the Naartjie because everyone knows it and then we thought how do we bring the boldness and the smoothness of the beer, and then we thought, let us use cream cheese to balance it all out. We wanted to bring out all the elements.

For the mains, Chef Marcus served pulled lamb shank, and oxtail with creamy Samp, jus, and chakalaka sauce (cooked with Carling Black Label).

He said: “With the main I wanted all South Africans to relate to Mzansi’s favourite beer, being able to create a meal with chakalaka, beans, and Samp (umngqusho) and pulled lamb shank (which in my hometown, when we have events is a stable meal) so I wanted to mix a bit of oxtail and lamb into the plate and also to play on the warm hug when going home and you receive from your parents, I wanted to put that into the plate,” he said.

For dessert, Chef Marcus served champion chocolate volcano pudding with caramel ice cream.

“The star of the day is the Carling Black Label beer. The food is not to outshine but to elevate the beer so that we can taste the flavours that we are talking about. To say that this is a balsamic glaze mixed with Black Label and you ask yourself why and for us is the play in the kitchen and we want to say that you can tell a beautiful story with food.

On his relationship with the brand, the Chef said: “I can’t wait to see what more they are going to do I mean with the impact that they have brought to communities, small businesses, small entrepreneurs and for us being able to deliver such amazing dishes because of the opportunities that have been given by Carling Black Label, I think is exciting on its own and I think it is not only about the creative industry but it is about the sports industry and everyone is being seen.

Actor and friend of the brand, Thembinkosi Mthembu who enjoyed the night with his friends and fans said: “The night was amazing. I am happy to be here to support Black Label, I have come here with my friends and am happy to have won a game. The highlight for me was the match, the music, the food, and the energy. The food was amazing. I did taste the black label in the beetroot it was nice from the start to the dessert. Loved it.”