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OPPO extends its partnership with SAFW

Leading technology developer, OPPO is excited to continue its partnership with South African Fashion Week (SAFW), as it challenges old-age norms through the empowerment of South African culture and true authenticity. With four local designers tasked to curate a line inspired by innovation, it highlights the significant impact that technology has on the global creative industry.”


Designer and founder of Ezokhetho, Mpumelelo Dhlamini, graduated from The Villioti Fashion Institute with a BA in Fashion. After that, he went on to complete the EDCON Design Innovation Challenge – a developmental initiative, including SA Fashion Week’s 21 Step Retail Programme, as well as an EDCON internship. In 2019, Dhlamini was selected to sell the first capsule collection during Milan Fashion Week. With this, the brand Ezokhetho was born.

Dhlamini sought to create a clothing brand that would act as a form of storytelling. With it, he aims to reflect the African person, as well as celebrate the proud lineage behind them. Dhlamini’s passion for design and the art of clothing-making stems from having grown up surrounded by women sharing the same enthusiasm for the medium, with both of his grandmothers having strong sewing backgrounds as well.

When asked about what drew him to the world of fashion, Dhlamini says, “Clothing tells a story without you having to say much. Clothes introduce you before you even introduce yourself.”

His most recent collection, Khumbul’ekhaya, Dhlamini’s designs explore the diversity of the African people, combining traditional elements with contemporary fashion to create every-day clothing that tells the story of our rich cultural heritage.

Instagram: @ezokhetho 

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The BAM Collective

As creator of The BAM Collective, Jacques has had a life-long passion for fashion and design. He holds a BA in Fashion Design and a BA Honours in Fashion from LISOF (now STADIO School of Fashion). Since winning the SA Fashion Week Student Competition in 2018, Jacques has worked with acclaimed South African design houses ERRE and Isabel De Villiers, launching his brand The BAM Collective in 2019.

The brand explores the commercial and conceptual boundaries that clothes hold, inspired by the liveliness of South African fashion and the emotional connection we have to the clothes we wear.Jacques’ passion comes from a long-standing love of the fantasy and escapism of fashion and runway shows – a sense of childlike joy which can still be seen in his designs to this day. Fauvism, his latest collection, is inspired by the Fauvist art movement from the early 1900’s which aimed to capture subjects through colourful, vivid artworks full of expressive emotion.

The garments were designed emotionally instead of logically. They explore the impact of colour and silhouette, aiming to re-imagine the natural proportions of the body. The collection aims to push the boundaries of commercial clothing and what it means in relation to our bodies, sparking confidence, freedom and happiness within each person who chooses to wear its pieces.

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Instagram: @bamcollective
Facebook: The BAM Collective

Artho Eksteen

Artho Eksteen’s designs are off-beat with artisanal influences with a maximalist approach. They draw from many sources of inspiration, such as  the historical world, artistic influences and trends, social landscapes, as well as personal experiences. The combination of these elements have come together to form the eclectic and post-modern look and feel of the brand.

Eksteen’s passion for design started at a young age. “I found joy in creating things,” he says. “Not necessarily fashion specifically, but creating through art, design and imaginative play.”

Fashion provided a platform for him to create, express and incorporate other interests into a medium that is more approachable, accessible and can be enjoyed by many.

His latest collection has taken a lot of inspiration from his childhood, and the sentimentality that comes along with it. There is a whimsical and light-hearted nature to these pieces, with their electric fabric combinations and colour use. When asked about his favourite piece from this collection, Eksteen answers, “My favourite piece is a jersey, embellished with crochet flowers made by my mother and grandmother. I loved to be able to send something down the runway directly linked to people that are close to me, and have always supported my creative journey.”

Instagram: @arthoeksteen
Email: [email protected]

Amanda Laird Cherry

Amanda Laird Cherry is a designer label that creates apparel with soul – focusing on telling the stories behind clothing and culture. Their style combines the immersive experience of the South African lifestyle with Japanese influences, taking familiar styles and silhouettes and updating them with unexpected and avant-garde twists – making their garments both wearable and distinctive.

Their passion comes from a desire to combine the love of art, clothing, and theatre in a viable way to make apparel that exudes their passion for humans and their stories.

The team has taken particular inspiration from the resilience of the KwaZulu Natal people for their latest collection. “[The area] has been through a lot over the past few years. In times like these, our communities coming together is what gets us to the other side. This season, we have expanded on our evolving theme of finding joy all around you.”
One of the joys that the team explores in this new collection is the curiosity, confidence, innocence, and imagination of our children. The aim is to bring to life the colourful, expressive nature of children’s drawings, while lending them an air of sophistication. The brand has achieved this by using exaggerated silhouettes, contrasting mixtures of earthy neutrals and dopamine brights, and playful abstract prints which speak to the childlike narrative.

“Our mission for this collection is to put a smile on your face – we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.”

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @alc_woman / @alc_man 
Facebook: alcwoman / alc.menswear
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