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How Much Radiation is Emitted by Popular Smartphones?

Radiation Emissions of Popular Smartphones

Smartphones have become ingrained in our daily routines. Everything is now in the palm of our hands, from work and school to daily tasks, thanks to these mobile devices.

The average person uses their phone for 5 to 6 hours every day. We’re also exposing ourselves to radiation for hours each day because our phones release such a small quantity of radiation.

However, the amount of radiation emitted by different phones varies.

We depict the radiation emissions of some popular cellphones on the market today using data provided by the German Federal Office of Radiation Protection.

Radiation and SAR Values of Smartphones

Small amounts of radiofrequency (RF) radiation are emitted by smartphones and other mobile devices. When a smartphone is in use or resting inert near a person’s body, they can absorb this radiation.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a metric for measuring phone radiation emissions (SAR). When using a mobile device, it is the unit of measurement for the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body.

The European Union’s Council has set cell phone radiation standards of 2 watts per kilogram, assessed across the 10 grams of tissue that absorbs the most signal.

SAR values are calculated at two locations: the ear (while talking on the phone) and the body (kept in your pocket). We’ve utilized the former calculations for the sake of this article.

Smartphones With the Highest Levels of Radiation Emissions

With a SAR rating of 1.79 watts of radiation per kilogram, the Motorola Edge emits the most radiation. That’s a lot more than most other smartphone models on the market today, and it’s near to the EU’s mobile restrictions.

The ZTE Axon 11 5G comes in second with 1.59 W/kg, followed by the OnePlus 6T in third with 1.55 W/kg. The Sony Experia AX2 Plus, with a score of 1.41, and the Google Pixel 3 XL and 3A XL, both with a score of 1.39, complete the top five.

The following are the ten cellphones that generate the most radiation:

Smartphones with the lowest level of radiation

Let’s take a look at the cellphones that emit the least amount of radiation now that we’ve gone over the worst offenders.

Smartphones With the Lowest Levels of Radiation Emissions

With 0.13 watts of radiation per kilogram, the ZTE Blade V10 is the smartphone with the lowest SAR value.

Samsung’s mobile devices have among of the lowest radiation hazards. The brand has four phones that are regarded the best in their class. The Galaxy Note 10+ is the most energy efficient device in the lineup, putting out only 0.19 watts per kilogram.

Here are the top ten cellphones that generate the least amount of radiation:

Smartphones with the highest level of radiation

There is currently no substantial research demonstrating the dangers of cell phone radiation.

Despite this, people who are in close proximity to their devices for long periods of time can quantify their radiation exposure and choose which brands are best for them.


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