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Mitigation of Global Climate Change Through Green Technology

Climate change is likely the most significant challenge that have confronted human political, social, and financial institutions. The risks are enormous, with serious vulnerabilities and dangers, economic matters being called into question, science being attacked, governmental issues being severe and muddled, psychology perplexing, effects annihilating, and relationships with non-environmental and environmental issues occurring in multiple directions. Appropriate public health and policy must be implemented to address current and future pollution and climate change challenges.

The dilemma is whether our solutions should focus on reducing the rate and scale of climate change by reducing carbon emissions from economic activity and adapting to its inescapable consequences. We examine climate change, the danger and hazard posed by GHG emissions and their climatic impacts, worldwide initiatives, meetings, and approaches to mitigating climate change effects, policies such as economic, regulatory, forest/land use, and technical approaches in this review. We believe that preventative initiatives, which include both mitigation and adaptation measures, are viable solutions.

However, environmental problem avoidance is a critical concern for long-term sustainability. The best way to deal with an environmental problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. As a result, green technology provides a response to climate change while also taking the lead in preventing environmental concerns, resulting in a more sustainable world.

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