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Valentine’s Day for Singles

If you are single and are looking for love, Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for attracting love. What!? Yes, it is, because it’s the one day where love is truly in the air – couples buying each other gifts, people going out to lunches and dinners, heart-shaped balloons floating about, chocolates being exchanged amongst scholars and colleagues.

Whether you believe in it or not, it’s impossible to escape the spirit of the day of love. So, you may as well ride its wave to attract love.

Here are some of the simple ways of feeling love and potentially attracting love your way…

o Avoid all conversations that are anti-love and Valentines’ Day. Those negative conversations are what repel love away – whether rhetoric or not – judgements and complains about love are likely to disconnect you from the energy of all things love.

o The friend that wants to complain about how annoyed he/she is by colleagues wearing red and white outfits; handing out roses to everyone – mute him/her for the day or two so that you can marinade properly in the energy of love.

o Be love. Be loving towards yourself – not only in a materialistic way. Ask, what would be the most loving thing to do for me right now? And then go ahead and do it.

o Spread love. Phone a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while – just check-in and express gratitude and love you feel for them.

o Spend time with children. Having a ball of carefree fun with children is love in action. According to parenting expert, Nikki Bush, to kids ‘time equals love’. Giving them time and attention will reward you with their love which can help keep you in the vibration of love.

o Open a account and join a group that does an activity you enjoy – from yoga, art, dance classes, playing musical instruments to outdoorsy activities like hiking and kayaking. Whatever you fancy, it’s there. Attend an event scheduled for Valentine’s Day and go on your own.

It might be tempting to drag a friend along – whilst this might feel safe – it reduces your chances of being approached and making connections with new people. Remember to show up as your authentic self, intentional about having fun and being open to meeting new people.

o Talk about love and the type of love you want for yourself. This is not the same as complaining about the love you don’t have. As relationship coach, Matthew Hussey, advices – focus on how you want to feel when in love or in a relationship and identify three or four behavioural characteristics that you want in a partner and then make sure that you immediately adopt those feelings and behaviours.

As you might have guessed, the point is that you must BE in the frequency and feelings of love for love to find you. This doesn’t include complaining about the ‘other gender’, or how terrible your ex was and how your new crush has ghosted you in recent weeks.

Focus on being in love with you – as in all of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ndumi Hadebe is the author of Handle Black Tax Like – Setting Boundaries, Improving Relationships and Achieving freedom. 

With more than a decade of corporate experience and another as an entrepreneur, she lives her passion through her coaching business, Kwande Consulting – where she and a team of specialist- coaches support corporate teams and executives with coaching programs that are geared towards bridging efficiency and productivity gaps. 

She’s also a facilitator and speaker on topics such as Boundaries = Self-Love, Boundaries for Productivity, Boundaries for Goals and Handling Black Tax Like a Pro.