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Planning a Multi-stop Holiday: Rail, Tour, or Cruise?

Why limit yourself to a trip to Amsterdam or London when you could do a trip to London, Amsterdam, Munich and end in Barcelona, and any number of other places? When it comes to planning a multi-stop holiday, the travel choices can be as varied as the destinations themselves. Depending on when and where you’re going, there are a few ways to add multiple stops to your holiday.

Flight Centre advises on three of the most popular options for a multi-stop holiday, rail, cruises, and travelling as part of an organised tour. Each way has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice will depend on your own preferences, as well as the destination, and what you want to get out of your multi stop holiday.

Doing a Multi-Stop Holiday by Rail: The Pros and Cons

Rail travel comes in all forms; from long luxury rail trips which journey through scenic mountain passes and tiny towns, to high-speed trains which get you quickly from one city (or country!) to another.

What sets rail travel apart is that it’s accessible and typically quite affordable. Unlike airports, which can be located far from city centres, train stations are usually centrally located, making it easier to start exploring straight away. Rail travel also offers a more relaxed pace, with the freedom to walk around, enjoy the view, and enjoy a meal or snack as you travel. Another huge benefit is that you can book a multi-stop holiday by rail and craft your own itinerary – just look for trains which work with your travel plans and schedule.

Europe, with its extensive and efficient rail networks, is particularly well-suited for train travel. The Eurail pass, for example, offers flexible multi-country passes that allow unlimited rail travel across most of the continent. And often, taking a train works out just as quick as taking a plane once you’ve factored in wait times, security lines, and the drive to and from the airport itself.

However, you should prepare for occasional delays and should be comfortable navigating transfer points, which can be confusing in some countries. It’s worth keeping in mind that rail travel be tricky with lots of luggage or if you have mobility issues.

Joining a Group Tour for a Multi-Stop Holiday

Group tours can be perfect if you’re visiting somewhere which requires local expertise, where transport options are limited, if you’re travelling solo, going somewhere where language barriers might pose a problem, or visiting somewhere completely new to you. They take the hassle out of multi-stop holidays by pre-arranging transport, accommodation, and sightseeing.

Tour companies like On the Go, G Adventures and Trafalgar often offer themed tours and tours suited for solo travellers, couples and families… Think historical tours, adventure tours, wellness tours, city break and shopping tours or food and wine-focused itineraries, the list is endless. Travelling with a group means you will meet like-minded fellow travellers from around the world.

The downside to guided tours can be the lack of flexibility and independent travel. However, over the years guided tour have become more flexible. Some tour operators offer free time for you to enjoy with your other half if travelling as a couples, alternatively there are private trip packages you can enquire about.  And with loads of different trip types to choose from, Flight Centre can make sure your trip is perfect for you.

Cruising Your Way Through a Multi-Stop Holiday

Modern cruise ships are essentially floating resorts with all kinds of onboard amenities, from swimming pools and spas to restaurants, theatres, and bars There is so much to do on and off board.  Plus, you can see loads of places…without having to pack and unpack every time you see a new city or country.

Cruises can be a good value option, because your accommodation, meals, and often drinks are included – not to mention your transport between stops. Cruise liners can take you to their private islands such as Disney Cruise’s Castaway Cay, NCL’s Great Stirrup Cay, MSC’s Ocean Cay and more coastal towns which you might not have reached on a normal holiday.

Time in each port can be limited, which may be a drawback for those who like to take their time exploring each place in depth, however this is the perfect opportunity for you to have a sneak peak of the destination by finding an excursion that best suits you and come back at a later stage to the destination on a holiday package or even tour.

Rail, Cruise, or Tour for Your Multi-Stop Holiday?

When planning a multi-stop holiday, think about much flexibility and independence you want, how long you want to spend in each destination, and the type of experiences you’re after. Whether you opt for rail, cruising, or a guided tour, the best choice will be the one which matches your personal travel preferences. Working with a Flight Centre Travel Expert can be helpful in finding the itinerary and type of holiday which will work best for your needs. Contact Flight Centre Today!