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Travelstart Ushers in a New Era in Travel: Travelstart+ Gives Members Exclusive Benefits

This week, leading Online Travel Agency (OTA), Travelstart, launched its new, exclusive subscription service for an upgraded travel experience. Travelstart+ is a the newest perks programme that aims to redefine the world of travel with its unparalleled benefits and privileges.

With the global online travel industry’s market size expected to surpass one trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, there is a sharp increase in the popularity of booking travel online as more travelers seek top results at their fingertips. Additionally, according to Statista, 68% of revenue across the global travel industry can be attributed to online sales, and this trend is likely to grow.

Acknowledging and actively fueling the growing shift towards online travel bookings, Travelstart+ by Travelstart introduces a comprehensive suite of benefits that transforms the online booking experience into a journey of luxury, savings, and convenience.

“With Travelstart+, we’re offering real instant rewards and benefits. It’s a priority perks programme and an upgraded, more sophisticated way to travel. Our commitment is to elevate your journey, making it extraordinary from takeoff to landing,” says Travelstart’s Founder and CEO, Stephan Ekbergh.

Exclusively available through the Travelstart app, Travelstart+ brings premium travel planning directly to your mobile device through an annual subscription. “With Travelstart+, customers embark on a journey like never before. This offers a new standard in travel, including exclusive discounts, travel vouchers, a 24/7 concierge service, complimentary upgrades, cashbacks, red carpet experiences, and more. Travellers can now elevate their journeys, making every trip an unforgettable adventure.”

Alongside online travel bookings, AI features among the latest trends in travel, coupled with the desire for sustainable tourism, where budget-friendly recommendations, travel advice, personalised itineraries and swift task execution make for a more seamless experience for travelers looking to book a trip.

“The adoption of AI tools in the tourism and hospitality sector has the power to significantly redefine customer travel experiences and is becoming an integral part of the booking experience,” adds Ekbergh.

To complement Travelstart’s AI travel assistant – the first of its kind in Africa, Travelstart+ subscribers also enjoy 24/7 concierge for hassle-free booking support at any hour directly from live agents.

At only R195 per month, Travelstart+ members gain year-long access to a world of travel benefits. “This unlocks a plethora of perks, ensuring luxury travel is accessible to everyone,” says Ekbergh.

Among the key benefits, members receive an immediate R5000 travel credit valid for different products in their accounts as soon as they sign up. Customers who recently joined the programme said they had also received member-only deals offering up to 50% off local flights.

On 16 April, the Travelstart+ Connect launch event introduced some of the country’s most talented travel and lifestyle creators to Travelstart+. Guests included well-known personalities like WanderWithIana, Black_TonyStark, Tebogo_PinPin and AgirlNamedCassidy, with key points of discussion having included the impact of content platforms on travel trends and consumer behavior, as well as the upcoming trends and technologies set to define the future of travel.

The benefits speak for themselves—it’s the savvy choice for modern travellers. Download the app, upgrade to a world of benefits and experience seamless travel planning.

“Travelers are increasingly leaning towards a simplified, all-in-one process that facilitates the best holiday and business trip bookings with ease, and Travelstart+ absolutely delivers,” Ekbergh concludes.