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Gift Dad A Taste Of Tradition With Buffalo Trace

Sure, Dad will probably love another pair of socks, a mug or last minute body wash set, just as he does every year… but why not switch things up and gift him a good time curated by you with a fine bourbon whiskey as your sidekick?

This Father’s Day, Buffalo Trace, the historic bourbon brand from the award-winning distillery of the same name, is encouraging you to honour the pillars of strength in your life with a bourbon-infused gathering. While nothing quite compares to the gift of shared moments and heartfelt conversations, a tangible token of appreciation speaks volumes, letting your father know he’s cherished on this celebration, which falls on 16 June.

Buffalo Trace is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the US and the world’s most awarded, producing its offerings using the same rigorous techniques across two centuries. Their flagship offering, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, is the perfect addition to dad’s home bar.

Crafted from premium rye, corn and barley malt, and then aged in new oak barrels reaching maturation with aromas of vanilla and mint, with a delicious palate of brown sugar and spice this paves way for a classic Father’s Day Old Fashioned.


A dash of Angostura Bitters

1 sugar cube

A splash of water

40ml of Buffalo Trace bourbon

An orange twist to garnish


Muddle your bitters, sugar cube and splash of water in a rocks glass until the sugar is entirely dissolved. Add the 40ml of Buffalo Trace bourbon and fill the glass with ice. Stir the drink until you see condensation on the exterior of the glass, which means that the temperature has adequately dropped. Top your Old Fashioned with more ice, garnish with the orange twist and cheers with pops.

Buffalo Trace (750ml) is available at a recommended retail price of R349.00 and can be purchased at selected TOPS at SPAR, Norman Goodfellows, PicardiReBEL, WhiskyBrothers and Takealot.