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Somerset Mall’s Homegrown Pop-Up Market

Somerset Mall, a preferred shopping destination for locals, is thrilled to announce the upcoming instalment of its Homegrown SA Pop-Up Market, a community-driven initiative that is dedicated to connecting surrounding local communities and shoppers with local brands.

The exciting Homegrown Pop-Up Market is set to take place from Thursday, 28 September to Sunday, 1 October 2023 at Somerset Mall, promising a spectacular showcase of local talents, craftsmanship, and a vibrant sense of community spirit. Visitors call look forward to fashion from Repertoire and Jade & Velvet and Hello Nita          Fashion; jewellery from Heavenly Jewellery & Gifts, Za etc and Sugarbush Handmade; as well as handcrafted gifts, décor, furnishings, candles and fragrances.

The Homegrown SA Pop-Up Market serves as a platform to empower local entrepreneurs allowing them to shine and enjoy community engagement. From clothing and ceramics to furniture, jewellery, and home decor, this monthly market provides a stage for artisans and businesses to display their incredible talents and products. Somerset Mall plays a crucial role in nurturing and empowering these local businesses, contributing to the growth of our vibrant community.

This exceptional initiative brings residents together, creating an electric and lively atmosphere within the mall. It encourages interaction, sparks conversations, and fosters a profound sense of community. Somerset Mall is proud to be a catalyst for shared experiences, uniting people through a love for local craftsmanship.

The Homegrown SA Pop-Up Market seamlessly complements Somerset Mall’s existing retail offerings. It introduces unique, locally made products that shoppers may not find elsewhere within the mall, enticing a broader range of visitors and potential customers. By actively participating in this community initiative, Somerset Mall solidifies itself as a business that deeply cares about its local community. This, in turn, fosters brand loyalty among customers who appreciate the mall’s dedication to supporting local businesses.

Somerset Mall’s Marketing Manager, Mel Jeffries, had this to say about the event: “Thanks to the presence of the Homegrown SA Pop-Up Market, Somerset Mall has become a regular gathering point for both locals and visitors alike. This recurring event enhances the mall’s role as a vibrant community hub, drawing in people from all walks of life and backgrounds and encouraging social interaction. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to showcase proudly South African entrepreneurship.”

The market’s presence not only ignites the spirit of discovery but also encourages visitors to explore the diverse offering at Somerset Mall more extensively. As shoppers engage with local entrepreneurs, they engage with each other, leading to a stronger sense of belonging and further entrenching Somerset Mall as a cherished community space.

Join us for the next Homegrown SA Pop-Up Market at Somerset Mall from Thursday, 28 September to Sunday, 1 October 2023, and be part of the vibrant community spirit that makes Somerset Mall a special place for everyone. Discover the best of local craftsmanship, meet your neighbours, and experience the magic of Somerset Mall’s commitment to bridging communities and supporting local.