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Dubai’s A to Z campaign draws to a successful close

Dubai's A to Z Campaign Draws to a Successful Close, Showcasing Unforgettable Experiences to African Visitors 

Dubai, the enchanting city of wonders, proudly concludes its highly successful A to Z Campaign, which featured the dynamic duo Bahati and his wife Diana from Kenya, along with the talented South African songstress, Thabsie. The 3 month campaign aimed at showcasing the remarkable offerings of Dubai, presenting an unforgettable exploration of the city from A to Z

Bahati, accompanied by his wife Diana, and Thabsie embarked on an awe-inspiring journey of discovery as they immersed themselves in Dubai’s diverse culture, iconic landmarks, and extraordinary experiences. The A to Z Campaign served as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to embracing African visitors and fostering cultural exchange between continents. 

From the moment they arrived, Bahati, Diana, and Thabsie were captivated by Dubai’s charm. The meticulously planned itinerary ensured they experienced the very best of the city’s opulence and world-class infrastructure. From beholding the architectural marvels such as the magnificent Burj Khalifa and the enchanting Palm Jumeirah to indulging in retail therapy at the prestigious Dubai Mall, they were immersed in the epitome of Arabian splendor. 

The campaign’s A to Z concept was carefully curated to showcase the extensive range of experiences Dubai has to offer. Bahati, Diana, and Thabsie delved into thrilling adventures such as exhilarating desert safaris, experiencing the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World, and immersing themselves in the captivating marine life at Atlantis, The Palm. 

The culinary scene of Dubai left a lasting impression on Bahati, Diana, and Thabsie as they savored delectable dishes from around the world. Dubai’s reputation as a gastronomic haven was on full display as they indulged in a culinary journey, experiencing the diverse flavors and impeccable hospitality that Dubai is renowned for. 

The A to Z Campaign not only showcased Dubai’s extraordinary offerings but also fostered strong ties between Dubai and the African continent. Bahati, Diana, and Thabsie played a pivotal role in promoting cultural diversity, bridging gaps, and strengthening partnerships. 

About Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) 

With the ultimate vision of positioning Dubai as the world’s leading commercial centre, investment hub and tourism destination, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is mandated to support the Government in achieving its competitiveness vision to position the emirate as a major hub for global economy and tourism, and in boosting the emirate’s economic and tourism competitiveness indicators.  

Under this remit, DET is driving efforts to further enhance Dubai’s diversified, innovative service-based economy to attract top global talent, deliver a world-class business environment and accelerate productivity growth. One of such efforts is a novel campaign designed to encourage more families and global travellers to select the city for their summer vacation. The ‘Stay More, Pay Less’ campaign is a citywide initiative supported by over 60 hotels and resorts, providing outstanding value to international travellers this summer. The promotion provides guests an amazing offer – stay for seven nights at participating hotels and resorts and pay for only five nights or stay for five nights and pay for only three nights stay. Additionally, DET is supporting Dubai’s vision to become the world’s best city to live and work in by promoting its diverse destination proposition, unique lifestyle and outstanding quality of life, overall. 

DET is the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development and marketing of Dubai’s business and tourism sectors. It is also responsible for the licensing and classification of all types of businesses, including hotels, tour operators and travel agents. The DET portfolio includes, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, Dubai Industries and Exports, Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI) and Dubai SME, as well as Dubai College of Tourism, Dubai Calendar and Dubai Business Events.