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ell Technologies, CDW and Small Projects Foundation Launch Solar Community Hub in South Africa

Dell Technologies (NYSE:Dell), in partnership with Computer Aid International, CDW and Small Projects Foundation, has launched a new Solar Community Hub in Newlands, South Africa, to connect underserved communities with access to technology, enable skill development and increase community capacity building.

Dell Technologies’ support of hubs has reached over 2.48 million students and community members in countries across the world, including Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, India, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa. The Newlands facility brings the current number of hubs to 49 and is the 14th in South Africa. These Solar Community Hubs will help community members learn about STEM careers and develop critical skills needed to participate in the digital economy. In the just-launched Newlands hub, additional services also provide increased access to economic opportunities and healthcare.

Dell Technologies and Computer Aid International have collaborated on Solar Community Hubs since 2011. Fixed hubs have an increased footprint for community support, networking and capacity to support remote areas. They are made of two recycled shipping containers transformed into a well-lit, well-ventilated internet centre. Fixed hubs are powered by solar power, to run energy-efficient desktops, Latitude Rugged notebooks and air-cooled servers.