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BCX Africa Local Public Cloud Launches in Mozambique

BCX proudly announces the launch of its cutting-edge Africa Local Public (ALP) Cloud Services at MozTech in Mozambique. This milestone marks a significant step in BCX’s mission to deliver innovative technology solutions, by a local company, to businesses across the continent.

The ALP Cloud offering, powered by Alibaba Cloud’s technology, introduces top-tier cloud computing services customised for the Mozambican market.  Jonas Bogoshi, CEO at BCX, stated, “The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and BCX allows us to bring the latest technologies through a local company that understands the complexities for businesses operating on our continent.”

BCX sets itself apart from competitors by giving priority to a local approach. Recognising the paramount importance of data sovereignty for Mozambican businesses, BCX has installed its latest Africa Local Public Cloud in Maputo.

Jan Bouwer, Chief Solutions Officer at BCX, affirmed, “We are committed to keeping local data within Africa’s borders.” He further elaborated that the ALP Cloud not only ensures data remains within Mozambique, addressing data sovereignty and compliance requirements, but also offers additional benefits such as redundancy through neighbouring Availability Zones and on-the-ground local support for customers.

A standout feature of the ALP services is the billing in local currency. Bogoshi emphasised the significance of this decision, stating that it mitigates the challenge posed by the unpredictable exchange rate. By billing in local currency, BCX ensures cost predictability for African enterprises, facilitating effective management of their cloud service expenses and mitigating the volatility of the exchange rate market.

Another exciting initiative resulting from the partnership is the BCX Alibaba Cloud Academy, which is aimed at upskilling local talent in cloud-related skills. The Academy has successfully established partnerships with universities on the continent. At the event yesterday, a milestone was reached as BCX and Alibaba Cloud signed an MOU agreement with Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique (USTM). Under this collaboration, USTM will integrate Alibaba Cloud certifications into its Computer Science curriculum, giving its students access to online training courses from Alibaba Cloud Academy to enhance the academic experience and bolstering students’ readiness for the dynamic technology landscape.

The incorporation of these certifications within the qualification is a strategic move to equip graduates with in-demand industry skills and credentials, thus augmenting their employability prospects.

“We’re committed to growing together with our partner BCX and providing them with the cutting-edge technologies to enable them to innovate and grow their businesses in Africa. With BCX’s local expertise and Alibaba Cloud’s global technology experience, we want to build a thriving local ecosystem to empower businesses to benefit from digital transformation,” said Eric Wan, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

The ALP cloud offering marks a giant step in opening up the African market to cutting-edge cloud computing, whilst empowering our local workforce for the challenges of tomorrow.