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Zula App – Connecting the tourists with tour guides

If you believe the best way to experience a city or town is by being immersed into its culture – the Zula app is app for you!

The currently web-based is available on www.zulaapp.co.za .  It offers tourists and travellers an opportunity to experience culture, explore spaces and escape into a world of township and rural tourism.  You get to explore scenic sites, taste local cuisine and see the world through the eyes of local youth tourism graduates.  They are registered tour guides, trained and supported to help you have a memorable experience.

On the Zula App you can choose an experience and be able to navigate the landscape of South Africa’s playground with ease.

Currently, only available in KwaZulu-Natal, tourists and travel enthusiasts can choose a tour such as the Golden Spice Tour hosted by Nkululeko who will plan your walkabout, schedule time and date and secure a safe meeting area.

ZulaApp is travel with impact.  By using the app, not only are you contributing to the growth of that particular local economy, but you are also supporting a business owned by a young graduate that aspires to grow and lead the tourism sector.

Discovered at the 2023 Africa’s Tourism Indaba, the ZulaApp is innovation addressing the issue of high youth unemployment and that of travellers wanting to but find it difficult to access meaningful township, rural and cultural tourism experiences.

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