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The Sound of Success: These gadgets will get your grades going!

Exam season is in full swing, and it’s never been harder to sit down and concentrate. According to consumer research experts Comparitech, the average South African’s screen time is 9.24 hours per day. That is around 60% of your waking hours and more than any other country in the world. All that screen time is not great for your study habits but never fear, help is on the way. If you want to get the most out of your study sessions invest in these gadgets to help you focus like never before:

You vs The Books:

Focus is all about being able to block out distractions and these days they come from everywhere. Fortunately, with the SonyWF-1000XM5s you can create your own cocoon of sound. Featuring two proprietary processors that cancel more external noise than ever, a new high-performance driver unit and dual feedback microphones, studying with these earphones will give you the feeling that it is just you versus the books. Their innovative Noise Isolation Earbud Tips also mean that you’ll never have to worry about fidgeting with them because they feel uncomfortable. The best part of all is that they can run for a total of 24 hours at a time, making them perfect for any study session.

The ULT-imate Study Buddy:

If you want your study sessions to feel focused and your breaks to feel like being in the club, the Sony ULT WEAR headphones are the only way to go. Ideal for all day wear and with a battery that can run for 30 hours at a time, the ULT WEAR are the perfect headphones for those who value form and function. Blessed with exceptional bass and improved noise cancelling, the ULT WEAR features innovative technology that pauses what you are listening to when you take them off and can pair with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

A Crowd Pleaser:

If you need something that can create a fortress of sound without sitting in or on your ear, bring the Sony SRS XB-100 to your next group study session. Built for life on the go, the SRS XB-100 features NFC One-touch technology that allows you to get the beats going in an instant. With its 16-hour battery life, water-resistant casing and the ability to link up with another speaker to create a stereo sound extravaganza, the SRS XB-100 doesn’t just make group study sessions fun, it also means you can take the post-exams after party with you, no matter where you go. Once exams are done, you can turn your study circle into an all out party with the Sony ULT Tower 10. Launching on the 18th of June, the ULT Tower 10 packs a festival grade punch. Built for music lovers, it produces powerful deep sound and can turn any environment into your own personal karaoke bar thanks to the supplied wireless microphone. You can even connect the speaker to your TV to boost the sound of the things you love to watch. Best of all, your devices will never run out of battery because the ULT Tower 10 can also charge devices and play music with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.