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From Challenger to Industry Leader

In a bold move to disrupt the South African smartphone market, the rapidly growing global tech brand Honor has unveiled its flagship Magic series, which promises to rewrite the rules of mobile innovation. According to Honor South Africa’s General Manager, Fred Zhou, the Magic V2 and the Magic 6 Pro are a testament to Honor’s commitment to redefining the boundaries of mobile innovation and delivering an extraordinary user experience.

This, Zhou explained, underpins Honor’s ambitious goal to establish itself as a leading player in the South African market: “South Africa is a priority market for us, ranking among the top seven globally, and we are committed to bringing the latest innovations and technology to South Africa first. Our ambition is clear — within the next five years we aim to be the number one choice for consumers in terms of value and innovation. We embrace the role of challenger in the market today, but our ultimate goal is to lead.”

As the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, with a 600% sales increase in 2023, Zhou says Honor is well on its way to achieving that goal: “Foldable devices and AI are emerging as the future of smartphones, and that is where Honor is focusing its efforts.”

The Honor Magic V2: Redefining Foldable Design

At the heart of Honor’s challenger narrative is the Magic V2, a device that shatters preconceptions about foldable smartphones. Measuring just 9.9mm thick and weighing a mere 231 grams, the Magic V2 is touted as the “world’s thinnest and lightest foldable smartphone”. The device also boasts a 5,000mAh HONOR Dual Silicon-carbon Battery with an average thickness of only 2.72mm, allowing for up to 14.1 hours of continuous video playback on the large screen.

“The Honor Magic V2 reimagines ultra-slim design, breaking the boundaries between bar and foldable phones,” explained Honor’s National Training Manager, Jacques Mapepe. “It unfolds into an ultra-flat surface effortlessly and feels as comfortable in your hand as a regular smartphone.”

This feat of engineering is made possible by the device’s 3D titanium alloy hinge, capable of withstanding an astounding 400,000 fold-and-unfold cycles — the equivalent of 10 years of use if folded and unfolded 100 times a day!

The Honor Magic 6 Pro: Redefining Smartphone Photography

Complementing the foldable powerhouse is the Honor Magic6 Pro, a device that boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 12GB RAM, and 512GB of storage and sets new benchmarks in mobile photography.

There are two standout features on this device. The first is the AI-driven Falcon Camera System, which thanks to platform-level AI integration provides unmatched motion capture functionality without the need to press the shutter button. The second is the 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera. Coupled with a high-resolution 50-megapixel main camera and a 50-megapixel selfie camera, Mapepe says the Magic 6 Pro delivers DSLR-quality imagery in the palm of your hand.

Showcasing its prowess in AI-powered imaging technology and earning the coveted title of the “world’s best smartphone camera” by DXOMARK, the Magic6 Pro also ranks first in terms of battery, display and selfie capabilities.

Challenging the Status Quo in South Africa

With the introduction of the Magic series in South Africa, Zhou says Honor is not content with merely participating in the South African market; it aims to lead the charge in redefining the smartphone experience: “We don’t just want to come to South Africa to make a profit; we aim to be a bridge between South Africa and China, deepening trust with all of you.”

Through its partnerships with global technology giants like Google, Intel and Microsoft, as well as a cross-patent agreement with Nokia, Honor demonstrates its commitment to open collaboration and seamless integration. “This, in turn, unlocks new possibilities for South African consumers and businesses,” Zhou explained. “These devices not only showcase technological excellence, but also embody Honor’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment.”

He added that Honor’s dedication to social responsibility is exemplified through initiatives like the Siyafunda CTC community partnership, which supports underprivileged areas with digital equipment and education, and the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme, aimed at increasing employment opportunities.

The Future of Mobile Technology, Reimagined

As South African consumers embrace the fusion of technology and magic, Zhou says the stage is set for Honor to emerge as a formidable challenger, redefining the smartphone landscape and offering a compelling alternative to the market’s incumbents. “It is clear that the future of mobile technology is here, and it is being shaped by the visionary minds at Honor,” Zhou concluded. And it seems the South African market is poised to embrace this transformative shift, solidifying Honor’s position as a driving force in the smartphone landscape.

The Magic V2 has a recommended retail price of R39,999.

The Magic6 Pro has a recommended retail price of R27,999.

Both devices became available to South African consumers at the start of April 2024.