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Discover the Visual Majesty of the HUAWEI nova 12 Series: A Portal to Vibrant Clarity

In the vibrant landscape of a country where the sun kisses the horizon with hues as diverse as its people, where expansive masses of clouds and a tapestry of stars really demonstrate that the skies are bigger in Africa, South Africans need a smartphone that can display and do justice to the essence of this beauty.

The HUAWEI nova 12 Series really rises to the occasion, offering a visual feast with its spectacular display features, designed not just for immersive enjoyment but also for prioritising comfort and eye care. With “Super Selfie. Super Slim” as its mantra, the nova 12i is tailored for the KeStar of today – the young, dynamic South African ready to embrace and view every moment of their star-studded life in stunning clarity.

A Window to Your World: The 6.7-inch AOD Screen

Crafted through precision engineering, the HUAWEI nova 12i boasts a 6.7-inch Always on Display (AOD) screen that stretches the limits of imagination with an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of 94.15%. This expansive display, framed by borders only 1.05mm wide, brings your content to life with vivid detail and clarity, even under the brilliant South African sun.

Achieving a brightness of 500nits and supporting a 270Hz touch sampling rate, the HUAWEI nova 12i ensures that every tap, swipe, and scroll is met with immediate responsiveness, creating a smoother, more engaging user experience. Coupled with stellar sound quality, this device transforms every video call, movie night, and music session into a three-dimensional auditory journey, making every interaction an immersive spectacle.

Stay Informed, Effortlessly: AOD Off-screen Display

The AOD feature of the HUAWEI nova 12i keeps you connected to what matters most without the need to wake your phone. A gentle touch reveals essential information – time, power level, and more – in large, clear fonts, ensuring immediate accessibility. For the fast-paced lives of South Africans, real-time notifications from essential apps like food delivery and taxi services are displayed with optimised brightness, making sure you never miss an update.

Adaptive Comfort: Smooth Dimming Control and Eye Comfort Mode

Understanding the diverse environments and lighting conditions of South Africa, the HUAWEI nova 12i introduces Smooth Dimming Control. This feature dynamically adjusts screen brightness to match the surrounding light, providing a seamless transition that’s easy on the eyes, whether you’re reading an ebook at dusk or checking messages at noon.

The HUAWEI nova 12i also goes further with its Eye Comfort mode, which reduces harmful blue light and optimises colour temperatures, mirroring the natural reading experience of paper. This thoughtful design ensures your digital life is as comfortable as it is vibrant, safeguarding your vision without compromising on visual pleasure.

The Ultimate Companion for the South African KeStar

The HUAWEI nova 12i is more than just a smartphone; it’s a portal to a world of visual wonder designed to meet the needs of the dynamic South African KeStar. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of the country to the colourful tapestry of its culture, the nova 12i is your perfect companion, ensuring that every moment is captured, enjoyed, and relived with unparalleled clarity and comfort. Embrace the power, embrace the beauty, and let the HUAWEI nova 12i illuminate your world with every glance.

Now available: Secure your HUAWEI nova 12i today for R6999 on the HUAWEI online store or choose flexible monthly plans offered through our partner operators. For more details, start your search online.