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Telkom Unveils The First Cutting Edge Store

Telkom, South Africa’s leading telecommunications company, redefined the mobile technology shopping experience with the grand opening of its groundbreaking store at Menlyn Pretoria . This store marks the inauguration of Telkom’s innovative store of the Future concept, a pioneering design that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, environmental sustainability, and an immersive customer journey.

The Menlyn store is the first of its kind, embodying Telkom’s vision for the future of retail. With plans to launch five similar stores nationwide, Telkom aims to revolutionise the traditional retail environment. The store’s design revolves around a fully digitised ecosystem, enhancing the customer’s purchasing journey through innovative features.

Managing Executive for Telkom Consumer Retail, Itumeleng Phetlho expressed enthusiasm about this ground-breaking initiative, stating, “Our newly revamped  Menlyn store is more than just a retail space; we aim to enhance the customer journey and foster connections beyond mere connectivity. This is a testament to Telkom’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We’ve crafted a dynamic environment where technology, sustainability, and customer experience seamlessly converge. This store epitomizes the future of mobile retail, and we are thrilled to introduce our customers to this cutting-edge shopping experience.”

The store boasts a fully digitised environment, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience. Carefully crafted to streamline the purchase process, the store prioritizes customer convenience and accessibility. Telkom introduces self-service counters, empowering customers to navigate sales and services independently within the store.

Aligned with Telkom’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the store is a paperless environment, contributing to the company’s Environmentally Sustainable Governance strategy.

Moreover, the store offers digital and immersive content from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and partners, providing a captivating experience to assist customers in making informed purchase decisions. Designed for optimal customer interaction, the store ensures every visitor’s seamless and enjoyable journey. Integrating AI, the store provides an intelligent and personalised shopping experience.

With a dedicated space for gaming enthusiasts, the latest gaming technologies and experiences are available, and the store serves as a comprehensive hub for diverse telecommunications needs for both individual consumers and businesses. Redefining the shopping experience, Telkom’s store eliminates queues, emphasising efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Telkom’s Menlyn store is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and customer-centric design. As Telkom pioneers the future of mobile retail, the store of the Future concept sets a new standard for technology-driven and sustainable retail environments.