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Three women that are leveraging technology to empower communities

This Women’s month presents an opportunity to commemorate the advancements achieved by women across a multitude of technology and digital domains. Over the past few years, society has been fortunate to witness a remarkable surge in the number of women entrepreneurs and developers. These trailblazers have been responsible for creating resourceful apps that address a wide spectrum of social benefits.

HUAWEI AppGallery has always played a vital role in fostering digital innovation and empowering women to excel and lead in the tech landscape, creating a more inclusive and diverse digital future.

Among these commendable developments are three exceptional apps featured on HUAWEI AppGallery: Ambani Africa, my Pregnancy Journey and Rekindle Learning. These apps, all led by visionary women, stand as a testament to the ever-growing presence of women within the technology and digital sphere. Notably, these innovative creations have attracted the attention of the technology giant, HUAWEI.

Ambani Africa – Empowering local communities

Ambani Africa is a revolutionary app that focuses on empowering local communities in various African regions. Ambani Africa was founded in 2018 by South African born Mukundi Lambani, to offer interactive mother-tongue education for K-12 learners. Starting as a simple idea of addressing the under-representation of South African languages, Ambani developed a free language app that offers six African language options. “Ambani”, which means to speak in Tshivenda, is today a South African EdTech start-up that offers multiple solutions for both private and public sector beneficiaries.  Lambani’s dedication to using technology for social impact showcases the positive influence women are having in bridging the language gap.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS), known for supporting digital innovation and social initiatives, recognises Ambani Africa amongst one of the greatest apps. The platform aligns with the business’ commitment to fostering digital inclusion and sustainable development across diverse communities.

Ambani Africa App took the overall win as the MTN Business App of the Year and the unprecedented prize money of R1 million. The App was also placed first in the Best Gaming Solution, Best Educational and Best South African Solution.

Commenting on this, Lambani says “With over 50,000 downloads, our innovative ed-tech solution has made an impact by digitising classrooms in rural areas and revolutionising language learning for children aged 2+. Through interactive AR books, videos and games, we’re making education engaging and enjoyable, fostering confident and successful global citizens.” She adds, “We remain dedicated to our mission of promoting multilingual education, providing valuable tools for parents, teachers and institutions to support education in their communities.”

My Pregnancy Journey – A personalised digital tracker

The My Pregnancy Journey app, founded by Jacqueline Rogers stands as a remarkable testament to the empowerment of women and the growing recognition of their unique experiences in the digital landscape. The app has won the “Tech Women’s Award” in 2022 at the Global App Innovation Contest organized by HMS. As a platform for support and information, the app navigates women through the intricate voyage of pregnancy, reflecting an era where women’s voices are not only heard but celebrated. Developed in response to the evolving needs of expecting mothers, the app champions the concept of choice by offering a diverse range of resources, insights and guidance. It acknowledges that each pregnancy is as unique as the woman experiencing it thereby incorporating a spectrum of perspectives to ensure inclusivity.

Talking about the app, Rogers said “We’ve added more valuable features such as the community chat groups where moms are able chat with one another on the app. We have also created a directory listing that lists local small businesses, providers and products on the app, creating a whole digital echo-system and linking everyone to each other.”

My Pregnancy Journey emerges as a hub of shared narratives and experiences, contributing to the broader discourse surrounding women’s health and maternal well-being. By offering a space where stories are cherished, advice is dispensed and fears are validated, the Pregnancy Journey App Gallery emerges as a vivid illustration of the cultural shift towards recognising and honouring the rich diversity of women’s experiences in the realm of technology and beyond.

Rekindle Learning: Improving access to education

Rapelang Rabana’s Rekindle Learning app is a testament to the impact of women in the education sector. The app aims to enhance learning experiences by providing personalised and adaptive learning programs. Through Rekindle Learning, students can access a wealth of educational resources tailored to their needs and learning styles.

“Rekindle’s digital learning experience platform has proven to be a transformative solution, igniting a passion for learning and fostering a sense of accomplishment among users. Since its integration into the app market, we have seen an increased learning velocity by making learning as accessible and enjoyable as social media, using interactive, rich media, personalised bite-sized learning and redefining the way people approach critical organisational knowledge,” says Nolwazi Mthi, Business Development Manager at Rekindle Learning.

Rabana’s dedication to empowering education through technology underscores the transformative power of women-led ventures in the edtech industry. The app’s adaptive learning approach and personalised content resonate with the technology company’s vision of providing cutting-edge technology learning solutions.

As we commemorate the ever-growing presence of women in the tech and digital sphere, remarkable apps such as Ambani Africa, my Pregnancy Journey and Rekindle Learning serve as beacons of inspiration, exemplifying the profound influence that women entrepreneurs and developers are generating. These visionary women are harnessing the power of technology to tackle pressing issues. Their dedication and innovation stand as a testament to the limitless potential in shaping a more inclusive digital future.

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