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HUAWEI nova 11 Series Launches in South Africa

On a mission to #DareToStandOut, HUAWEI has launched the innovative HUAWEI nova 11 Series, a bold and stylish line made with portrait photography in mind. Catering to the fashion forward and trendsetters, the series offers a smarter, more convenient user experience, making a significant splash in the nova Star universe.

Building on the HUAWEI nova brand’s legacy, the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro introduces XD Portrait and an upgraded HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography, capturing extraordinary portraits. The Super Star Orbit Ring design flawlessly incorporates aesthetics into the lenses. The ultra-durable Kunlun Glass ensures ultimate reliability, while combined with SuperCharge Turbo, the phone provides a smoother, smarter, and more secure experience.

Three stylish and durable models

The HUAWEI nova 11 Series includes three models: the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro, HUAWEI nova 11 and the HUAWEI nova 11i. The nova 11 Pro, with a 6.78-inch 120 Hz OLED Flawless OLED Curved Display, features a 66° golden bending angle that brings a snug grip experience. It boasts a 10x stronger drop resistance capability than the nova 10 Pro, thanks to the customised Kunlun Glass screen. The HUAWEI nova 11 features the unprecedented HUAWEI nova architecture; its lightweight processing and 3D stacking technology reduces the weight and thickness of the phone for added compactness. While the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro is incredibly slim and light, with a thickness of just 6.88 mm and weighing only 168 g. It comes with a 6.7-inch Flawless OLED Flat-Edge Display with extremely narrow bezels, realising a high screen-to-body ratio of 93.4%.

What’s more the nova 11 Series integrates youthful vitality and personality into its design concept, establishing itself as a benchmark in phone fashion. The HUAWEI nova 11 Pro comes with new Vegan Leather – Green as the main colour to integrate the vitality and personality into the design concept, creating a unique visual impact of fashion. The vigorous green conveys the confidence and optimistic life attitude of Gen Z.

Upgraded HUAWEI multi-vision photography

For the first time, the HUAWEI nova 11 Series adopts XD Portrait to bring out every detail of portrait shots. With low-light portrait enhancement technology, it captures and displays richer details and more authentic colours even in poorly lit environments, carefully retaining natural skin texture and tone.

The HUAWEI nova 11 Pro takes advantage of the upgraded HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography, featuring a 60 MP Ultra Portrait Dual Camera with a 100-degree ultra-wide-angle, a 1/2.61-inch sensor that supports 4K image quality, and excellent resolution and light sensitivity. The 8 MP Close-up Portrait Front Camera supports 2x optical zoom and up to 5x digital zoom, including 0.7x for group photos, 1x for HD selfies, 2x for textured portraits, and 5x for makeup close-ups.

SuperChargeTurbo, ultra-large battery for long-lasting battery life

The HUAWEI nova 11 Seriesis equipped with a 4500 mAh ultra-large battery with single-cell and multi-tab technologies, to ensure long-lasting power. The nova 11 Pro supports HUAWEI 100 W SuperCharge Turbo, enabling the device to be charged up to 60% in 10 minutes and fully charged in 20 minutes with the screen off. When the screen is on  and used for viewing short videos, charging to 50% takes only 15 minutes, helping users overcome low battery anxiety.

The ultra Durable Kunlun Glass

Making its first appearance in the nova Series, the Kunlun Glass massively improves the robustness of the glass through enhanced injection of composite ions, generating hundreds of millions of nanometer crystals. As a result, the drop resistance of the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro is ten times better than the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro, making it even more reliable. The Kunlun Glass is the first to receive a five-star glass drop resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS.

50 MP Ultra vision camera, the best performing rear camera of the nova family

The HUAWEI nova 11 Pro and nova 11 boast a 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera with a 50 MP RYYB Ultra Vision imaging unit and an 8 MP Ultra-Wide Macro Camera, ideal for capturing exceptional photos. There is also the Laser Focus Sensor that supports autofocus, helping to quickly capture the subject. The RYYB Colour Filter Array increases the amount of light entering the camera by 40% compared with the RGGB array, boosting image clarity and detail in the dark. The brand-new environment spectrum collection system ensures vivid and accurately restored colours, allowing users to experience the world’s true colours as never before, thanks to the 10-Channel Colour Temperature Sensor.

As the anticipation for the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro and HUAWEI nova 11 continues to build, fashion forward enthusiasts and tech aficionados have reason to rejoice with the already available HUAWEI nova 11i that is already available in the market. From practical features such as large screen with narrow bezels, and long battery life with large storage space, to an exquisite design, smooth experience, and reliable quality – the HUAWEI nova 11i has a perfect blend of beauty and power packaged in one. The vibrant smartphone caters to the aspirational and dream chasers.

Do you #DareToStandOut? For more information, visit the HUAWEI online store or pop into any Operator store and choose your preferred smartphone masterpiece, from only R799 for 24 months for the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro and R 649 for 24 months for the HUAWEI nova 11.