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The HUAWEI Nova Y91 empowers you to live large

Experience the true meaning of living large with the HUAWEI nova Y91. This remarkable smartphone is built to elevate your mobile lifestyle with its impressive features that redefine what it means to go big. Whether you’re a busy professional, an avid traveller, or a social media enthusiast, this smartphone’s long-lasting battery ensures you stay connected and entertained throughout the day. That’s not all, prepare to be captivated by the HUAWEI nova Y91’s large display screen that makes you feel like you’re part of the action, enjoying every detail and vivid colour palette.

The HUAWEI nova Y91 also offers an impressive audio experience with its large sound capabilities. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or making hands-free calls, the device is designed to produce rich and immersive sound quality. And lastly, the luxury of ample storage space. Say goodbye to the constant struggle of deciding which files to keep and which ones to delete. You can have everything you need right at your fingertips, with no worries about storage limitations.

A superb battery life makes for an enjoyable and stress-free experience

As smartphones continue to evolve and offer more features and applications, larger battery capacities have become a standard feature to provide users with a long-lasting experience. The HUAWEI nova Y91 sets itself apart from other models in the same price range with its impressive 7000mAh super battery capacity.

With a dual safety protection design and global battery safety certification, the battery is not only long-lasting but also safe to use. The HUAWEI nova Y91 strikes a wonderful balance between a large battery and slim design. It adopts a dual cell design and a high energy density battery, which results the thinnest profile with this battery size in the industry. This approach balances fashionable appearance with outstanding battery life performance.

What’s more, the HUAWEI nova Y91 offers exceptional battery life with up to 29 hours of local video playback, 21 hours of Tiktok playback, 71 hours of talk or 12.5 hours of gaming on a single charge.

The HUAWEI nova Y91 also has a 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge that allows quick, intelligent and safe charging. With a dual cell design, it brings higher charging efficiency. It’s intelligent charging mode feature uses AI learning to recognise the charging status and manages intelligent charging and discharging, preventing the battery from overcharging. Moreover, the device comes with a 20-layer charging safety protection system that ensures charging safety.

The 6.95” ultra large screen means wider and purer field of view

Offering a superior display experience, the HUAWEI nova Y91 features a 6.95″ HUAWEI FullView Display. Promising a better user experience, this larger, more beautiful screen provides users with a wider and more vibrant view that improves immersiveness. Additionally, the thinner bezel design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the phone, but also makes it feel smaller and more lightweight in the hand, providing greater comfort to users.

The HUAWEI nova Y91 also features a 270Hz Touch Sampling Rate and a 90Hz refresh rate, providing a smoother daily usage experience as they browse web pages, play games and more. HUAWEI’s super-resolution touch software algorithms improve touch accuracy, creating an exceptional gaming experience. Compared with ordinary resolution touch, super-resolution touch software algorithms allow to you swipe through websites and videos with little lag and get into the action much faster when gaming. The LCD Full Screen always-on display, the first of its kind, means users can very easily glance the essential information as necessary.

The HUAWEI SuperSound with Symmetrical Dual Stereo Speakers that achieves 300% with SuperVolume

The HUAWEI nova Y91 features SuperVolume with Symmetrical Dual Stereo Speakers, delivering a layered and textured sound. Dual 0.8cc Big Cavity provides better bass frequency performance, three-dimensional surround and stronger sense of presence resulting in louder effects. Histen 8.1 balances sound effects, restoring the texture and clarity of the sound for all low, medium and high frequency bands. Together with a Space Sound Field, the sound field covers a wider range, providing users with “cinema level” sound quality, allowing them to experience immersive and stunning sound effects while gaming or watching movies.

HUAWEI nova Y91 features Super Volume with 20 levels of volume adjustments. At 300% of the maximum volume, the chances of you missing a call are low, even in a noisy environment, while at 0.5 lower minimum volume, you can continue playing games and browsing videos in a quiet environment at night without affecting others. Upgrade your storage space with 256GB Big Storage

Forget about storage limitations with the Huawei nova Y91’s generous storage capacity. When it comes to limited storage, constantly receiving prompts for insufficient space can be a hassle when downloading new games or media content. HUAWEI nova Y91 offers an impressive 256GB Big Storage, providing users with ample space to store all their favourite apps and media content without having to worry about running out of memory space. Users can easily store 340 episodes of popular dramas, 22,000 high-quality songs, and 140 high-definition video content.

Whether it is your favourite software, games, or large work and study files, this smartphone has ample space to store it all. Say goodbye to storage troubles and the hassle of deleting valuable information. Preserve your cherished memories with ease and never miss a moment, achieving true mobile storage freedom.

Embrace the freedom, convenience, and endless possibilities that come with a smartphone boasting a large battery, a large display screen, super sound and ample storage. Purchase the HUAWEI nova Y91 today, for only R6 999 from the HUAWEI online store. Or you can head to selected retail stores and pay R399 on a 24-month contract.