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How you can use apps to better manage your life

Checking in on your goals every three months is a great way to stay on track and make progress. By reviewing your ambitions regularly, you can assess your development and identify areas where you may need to adjust specific approaches. People can also use these insights to pinpoint what may be hindering their growth, what needs to be prioritised and what resources can be leveraged to assist in growing outside of the comfort zone.

Thankfully, smartphone apps have become an integral part of people’s daily lives and are incredibly useful in managing and optimising your time. You can effectively track goals by using a planner, journal or a goal-tracking app which allows you to set specific milestones, deadlines and metrics to measure development.

To help you stay focused and in control, here are a few recommendations from AppGallery, which provides users with a series of curated apps that complement various lifestyles and helps you work towards your aspirations.

Prioritise your tasks and avoid wasting time on insignificant activities

With 2 million downloads, Focus To-Do is a task management app that helps users organise and input reminders, calendar events, shopping lists and more. The Focus-to-Do app specifically helps you in concentrating and setting time towards actioning specific tasks. The key features include a customisable timer, a planner for upcoming projects and deliverables, as well as reminders that help you work around deadlines. For easy always-on access, users can use the platform’s synchronisation feature, which enables you to view and manage your goals across devices like PCs and tablets.

Focus To-Do is easy to use, all you need to do it prioritise your tasks, deciding which tasks are most important.  As a result, you can tackle the most challenging and time-consuming responsibilities, during the most suitable time.  The detailed report provides you with statistics that specify how and on what you spend most of your time on.

Be intentional about enhancing your quality of life

Accomplishments at work and at school are often what people measure success by. However, if you neglect your personal wellbeing, you may put yourself at risk of a lack of growth in various other aspects of your life.

This is where Grid Diary may assist you. Grid Diary is a journaling tool that can be used to regularly document and track personal development. It helps people cultivate a mindful and healthy environment from which they are able thrive. From observing habits and goals to sharing affirmations and gratitude, users can work towards having a more positive outlook on life.

The Grid Diary app encourages mindfulness and self-love, inspires the creation and consistency of routines and aims to improve the overall personal health and wellbeing of users. By downloading this app, you can also embrace cognitive behavioural therapy and increase your productivity.

It’s important to note that taking regular breaks to work on your personal development can also help you to stay focused and avoid burnout.

Become the best version of yourself by creating good habits

Forming new and healthy habits takes time and effort but the rewards are well worth it. With persistence and dedication, you can cultivate good habits that will benefit your personal and professional life. Decent habits will help you in becoming more productive, push you to achieve your goals and make you feel more satisfied with your accomplishments. Whether you are working on your fitness, learning a new skill, wanting to improve on playing a certain instrument or eager to read more books, you can use the  iBetter  app, which helps you commit to developing  great practices and behaviours.

If you are concerned with falling behind because of your chaotic schedule or lack of time management skills, don’t worry, the iBetter app has daily reminders to motivate you. In addition, the progress calendar will showcase your achievements and motivate you in celebrating every small victory.

Remember, optimising your day is not about cramming as much as possible into your schedule. It’s about being strategic and intentional with your time so that you can accomplish what’s important to you without sacrificing your wellbeing.  Use AppGallery to discover more apps that will have a positive impact on your development at work, school, home and in every personal endeavour.