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The importance of continuous digital innovation: There’s an app for every use

Innovation is defined as something new, different, and creative. Humans are naturally inclined to explore anything out of the norm and with mobile technologies has come a series of innovative apps that have changed the mundane way of doing things. Thanks to apps, people are now empowered to embrace new experiences, reach greater heights, and expand their capacity. Although they may seem like mere programs that are designed to carry out a specific task, they are more significant than we think.

From banking apps that provide easy and secure banking, to business and networking apps that provide cost-effective opportunities for brand visibility, people are reaping the awards and enjoying endless possibilities, brought about by mobile innovations.

Here are various use-cases in which apps have become valuable:

In the canteen: Use digital apps to empower your staff and keep customers happy

Canteens are an integral part of work and school life, offering relief to the busy parents who may not have had time to pack lunch.  As for children, canteens serve as an opportunity to self-reliantly manage their own food choices and their ‘lunch money’. As important as the consumer is, what about the canteen owner and manager? How do they ensure that the business is operating efficiently so that they are in a better position to serve customers?

Just like Uber, Mr Delivery, and the likes,  CanteenApp 2.0 allows canteen owners and employers to manage accounts and orders in an end-to-end solution. This way, they can ensure fast service and keep all records on hand. The canteen app allows consumers to top-up wallets and pre order meals and drinks from an onsite canteen.

The feedback feature enables you to keep consumer satisfaction top of mind and use the recommendations to improve your services.

Employment: Find remote work opportunities in your neighbourhood

Virtual assistant services are increasingly growing and offer companies the opportunity to outsource services. From administration tasks, technical assistance and social management, people and businesses of various sizes and across industries are benefitting from remote services.

Virtual assistance  (VA) app, Zool, provides those who are self-employed with a fast and effective platform where they can discover work in and around their local area. If you have the skill and experience in account management, proofreading, research, personal shopping, carpentry and more, you have a great chance of finding a suitable connection.

To be a part of the contact data base, all you need to do is download the app, create a profile, list your services, add your area and contact details.

Advocating for change: Make your voice heard

Whether you are an individual, NGO, corporate, or a business providing sustainable solutions, For A Change helps you rally likeminded people to work proactively towards a specific cause. We have seen various movements get lost within many other conversations of social media, mainly because not everyone is interested in what you are advocating for.

For A Change is a custom-tailored social networking platform where you can connect with people and organisations that share similar social cause interests. The app serves as a platform for collaboration and support groups, making it more likely for you to achieve your goals. The features on this app enables you to stay informed about social causes and related activities, and engage with projects that are meaningful to you.

There’s an app for every work-life scenario. From business, lifestyle, finance and more, you can easily discover a platform that can enhance your experience of life. AppGallery has ample apps waiting for you to explore.