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Optimise your mobile cloud to function at its best

One of the many powerful features of the HUAWEI environment is its Mobile Cloud experience. These user-friendly and intuitive services are designed to work seamlessly together and unlock the full potential of any HUAWEI mobile device. Think of these services as an integrated way you can get a secure experience that ensures the safety and privacy of your data, giving you the peace of mind that should something happen to your phone, all your personal photos, videos, documents and more are safely and securely stored.

In five steps, you can ensure you optimise your cloud experience by activating a backup of your data, syncing your devices through your HUAWEI ID, enabling the phone locator, optimising user-friendly features and enabling integration across the Huawei ecosystem.

Backup all your treasured moments

One of the key benefits of the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is its ability to backup and restore your data, including your contacts, photos, videos, messages and other important files. With this service, you can easily transfer your data to a new device or retrieve it in case of data loss or device damage. This not only saves you time and effort but gives you the assurance that your data is always safe and accessible wherever you are. You can also easily select various folders to backup, helping you treasure your special moments for long periods of time. From Gallery and Documents to Downloads and more, it’s as easy as making your selection and having the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud take care of the rest.

Easily sync your data across all devices

Another important service provided by HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is the ability to sync your data across multiple devices. This means that you can access your data from any device that is linked to your HUAWEI account. For example, you can start editing a document on your smartphone and continue working on it on your tablet or laptop without any interruption. This feature is particularly useful for people who use multiple devices or travel frequently. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the go, your mobile cloud guarantees you continuity.

Use your HUAWEI ID to quickly find your phone

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud also provides a range of additional services, such as the ability to find your lost or stolen device, manage your device’s storage and protect your data from unauthorised access. By activating all these services, you can ensure that your device is fully optimised and functioning at its best capacity. You can even disable or remotely wipe your device data if it is lost or stolen. All the power lies in your HUAWEI Mobile Cloud account to give you the flexibility to live your digital lifestyle your way.

User-friendliness at the centre of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

A new HUAWEI Mobile PC Client has introduced various developments and upgrade features within the cloud environment. The newly launched features provide users with innovative design concepts that prioritise service information visualisation and convenient operation management. The developments include a one-stop workbench where users can access important content directly from the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud app home page and a space service card that provides users with quick and easy access to their cloud space usage details. With the application shortcut cards, you can access your schedule instantly, empowering you to effortlessly manage your tasks and stay organised.

Benefit from an integrated experience

By activating HUAWEI Mobile Cloud services, you become a part of a larger ecosystem of HUAWEI users. This means that you can benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of other users, as well as access to exclusive features and promotions.

Activating all HUAWEI Mobile Cloud services is crucial for any consumer who wants to get the most out of their device. By doing so, you can ensure that your data is safe, accessible and synced across multiple devices, while also enjoying the added benefits of being part of a larger community.

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