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How the MacBook M2 Pro brings an architect’s dreams & visions to life

Yoshlan Mudaly is a candidate architect at Vivid Architects in the heart of Cape Town, there is one instrument that truly holds the power to make a building sing, whether it’s an office or apartment block, a hotel, a safari lodge, or a retail or industrial development.

And that is his MacBook Pro M2, built on the power of Apple’s revolutionary next-generation silicon chip, which can handle the most intense processing demands with ease.

In Yoshlan’s case, that includes a specialist visualisation app called Twinmotion, which he uses to bring CAD drawings to vivid life, allowing him to walk through works-in-progress in the finest, close-up detail.

“I run it on the highest software settings, in ultra resolution,” says Yoshlan. “I really sense that material is real. Even when you’re doing timber flooring, you can see the grain when you’re rendering. It’s one of the most enriching things.”

Yoshlan, who holds an Honours and Master’s in Architecture from the University of Pretoria, is equally impressed with the seamless workflow of the Apple ecosystem.

His colleague at Vivid, Rese Boshoff, uses an iPad to trace and mark-up initial designs, and the MacBook Pro M2 takes over for the heavy rendering.

But an architect’s work is not limited to an office environment, and the MacBook’s portability and all-day battery life means Yoshlan can carry on imagining, visualising, and fine-tuning wherever a project may take him.

“The collaboration between what happens in the office and what happens on site really amplifies what we as architects need,” says Yoshlan. “The MacBook Pro M2 really does the job for us. It makes the day go a lot faster and it makes your productivity higher.”

Yoshlan started using a MacBook for remote work during lockdown. Right from the get-go, he was wowed by the speed of the machine. “I really enjoy the fact that when you open the MacBook, it just opens up,” he says. “It doesn’t take booting time like other different brands.”

Aside from the speed, power, display, and readiness for the demands of Yoshlan’s highly disciplined workday, “you know, using MacBooks is just fun,” says. “It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.”

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