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How the new MacBook Pro M2 works its magic for 3D animator RobynO

Art and technology go hand in hand for this busy creative professional

RobynO, based in Johannesburg, is an illustrator, 3D animator, motion graphics designer, and YouTube creator by profession. Her boundless imagination and her MacBook Pro M2, brings all her creations to life in bold line and vivid colour. MacBook Pro M2 is the latest in the line of Apple’s revolutionary SoC (System on a Chip) workhorses, built for speed, power, all-day battery life, and dazzling graphic capabilities.  

“It’s got an eight core CPU and a 10 core GPU,” says Robyn, “which is very necessary for what I end up doing with my work. For Robyn, the magic lies in the way the MacBook Pro M2 meets and exceeds the most gruelling demands of her everyday work.

Rendering 3D imagery and animation calls for intense processing power, coupled with the need for a crisp, high-definition Retina display. “When you’re working in graphics, you really need those saturated colours and that definition and that clarity,” says Robyn. “So that was something that I was really impressed by.”

Robyn was also amazed to discover the ease with which she could use her iPad as a second display, extending the virtuosity of her home-based Mac ecosystem.

Much of Robyn’s day is taken up with online briefs and meetings, and she has been equally impressed with the quality of the MacBook Pro M2 webcam and microphone.  

More than anything, though, it’s the portability of the MacBook Pro M2 that has extended Robyn’s boundaries as a creative worker. “I can edit anywhere I go,” she says. “I could be on holiday and I can take it with me and do my editing. I can sit on the couch at night and do my editing. I’m not tethered to my desk like I was before. I felt like I was stuck in a cave.”

That newfound freedom only adds to Robyn’s appreciation of the Mac as a work of art in its own right. “I feel like I’m one of the cool kids,” she says. “I can go to a coffee shop and just whip it out, and I’m like, ‘I’m one of y’all!’”

And when she works her magic, conjuring creatures and humans out of the ether, giving them the gift of light, shade, colour, and character, Robyn herself feels transported by the fusion of art and technology. “Just the experience of having MacBook M2,” she says, “is definitely something that has changed my life.”

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