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Love each moment: reimagine your Valentine’s experience

It’s the month of love and while its great time to celebrate friends, family, and partners, it presents the special opportunity to celebrate yourself. It’s good to regularly express the same care, support, and value you would show to others, unto yourself. As difficult as this may sound, it can be made simple. With the internet at the tip of our fingers and an abundance of digital services at your disposal, you can explore and find almost anything that will help you experience self-love, this Valentine’s month.

HUAWEI AppGallery, with comprehensive set of curated apps, is just what you need to help you step out of the ordinary and into experiences that will help you cultivate a sense of self-love.

Start small: Find deals on the best things to do, see, eat and experience in your area.

Spoiling and treating yourself to something you’ve been waiting to do should be the first on your to-do list this February. Especially if you have been trying to do it with your significant other or even a friend.  In some instances, they may not share the same interests as you do. Nevertheless, this should not be a reason for you to postpone your desires any longer – simply go for it.  Take yourself on a date, explore that city, go to the spa and pamper yourself or do something that’s extraordinary like paraglide or feed wild animals.

You can find exiting activities on Hyperli. It has the best deals and local services for you to consider. You can find thrilling activities, getaways, trendy restaurants, networking events, personalised items and more, on one hub. Similarly, The Entertainer can be your one-stop-shop for finding all things that make you happy, from attractions and leisure, beauty and fitness and everyday services.

Switch up your wardrobe: Shop for the items you have been eyeing

The second thing you can put on your to do list – is shopping, without breaking the bank of course. Find items you love, that will make you feel good whilst wearing them. This can be done in the comfort of your home with highly-rated online apps like Shein, Takealot and Superbalist that have fashion and accessories that will have you spoilt for choice, no matter your taste. You can have the best for less, when you take advantage of the various sales and discounts on offer on some of the world’s most trusted brands.

The apps include plus size, maternity wear, and even offer consumers homeware selections that includes furniture, decor accessories, soft furnishings, lighting and much more.

Travel locally or abroad

If you are considering a change in scenery, you may want to consider a solocation (solo vacation).  Booking.com, Airbnb and Trivago can help you find your ideal destination. This form of travel, has grown popular over the years and can be fulfilling, influence your perspective towards life and even help you make new friends.

Whilst on vacation familiarizing yourself with new people, cultures and foreign currencies can be daunting. This is why AppGallery also provides apps  the Translator to help with communication and  the Currency Converter Plus to help you with accurate exchange rates.

Learn a new skill: Make money online

One of the best ways to level up and show yourself some love is getting your finances in order. While budgeting is recommended, you can take it a step further by finding apps that help you make money online. There’s no experience required. Make Money Online provides various ways to earn an income and will often provide opportunities that complement your passions and interests. Toloka works the same way – you can simply choose a task, complete it online or offline, earn rewards and then start. Once you are happy with your earnings, you can withdraw the funds in your local currency, using PayPal.

Focus on the things that matter to you most

There are only 24 hours in each day and managing your time well can be just the thing you need to achieving your dreams. This love month, elevate the way you get things done, by taking your time seriously and focusing on what matters to you most. Focus-To-do, for example, can help you manage your work, business, study and life, and give you support in project planning and task scheduling.

You can avoid the feeling of overwhelmingness by creating sub-tasks that break down your task into smaller, actionable items and a checklist. Or a priority list that highlights your day’s most important items, according to priority levels. The report feature will help you immensely. With detailed statistics of your time distribution and tasks completed, you’ll have an indication of what you spend most of your time on, and how you can improve and allocate your time better, for things like family time, hobbies, pet training, and more. You can also explore Tick Tick for more of your planning needs.

Show yourself love, in various kinds of ways this February. In your experiences, personal style, travel, finances, and time. You can extend this further, using the AppGallery to explore some unique and intimate ways to take care of yourself. To find more, simply check what other categories complement your lifestyle or even areas that you would like to work on.