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Got 10 minutes? Upgrade your Vodacom contract in as quick as 10 minutes and get your iPhone on the same day

iStore yet again innovates with its newest offering that allows customers to upgrade their Vodacom contracts in as quick as 10 minutes online.

One of life’s simple pleasures, is being able to take a ten minute break to do what needs to be done, if not just indulge in a little retail therapy, it might be the need to take care of something important. One example of this, is taking care of upgrading to your next iPhone. That previously tedious task, is now a quick and easy upgrade at iStore. Upgrading to iPhone has never been this easy at iStore.

iStore’s newest offering allows Vodacom customers to upgrade from anywhere, at any time, even while sipping on a hot beverage, or while queuing to get one.

Life admin may not be on top of our priority list but the ease of upgrading and the amount of time you will save by not going into a store and waiting in line to get it done makes it a no brainer.

Take complete control of your next contract upgrade by logging on to the iStore website and starting your application. All the checks are done instantly so you will get a decision on the contract upgrade before you know it. You will also have the option to add accessories to go with your new iPhone ahead of checking out so your iPhone will be fully kitted out when ready.

Your brand new iPhone can be collected on the very same day in store, or you can get it delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours. iStore brings your iPhone to you – talk about convenience.

iStore is home to all things iPhone, and now brings the easiest, most convenient way to upgrade your phone, giving you complete control over when and where it can be done. The service is currently exclusive to Vodacom upgrade customers via iStore.

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