HomeSmart TechIntroducing a 10-minute Vodacom contract upgrade at iStore for your convenience.

Introducing a 10-minute Vodacom contract upgrade at iStore for your convenience.

Ever wondered how productive you can be while you wait in line at the bank for 15 minutes? Well, iStore has introduced its latest innovation that is quicker than doing a cash deposit at the bank.

Introducing the 10 minute Vodacom upgrade. You can now upgrade your iPhone contract in as quick as 10 minutes if you are on the Vodacom network. Yes, you read that right, no matter where you are, it’s 10 minutes to upgrade to iPhone.

We’ve all been there and know how frustrating dealing with an upgrade can be, but with this latest innovation from iStore, upgrading a contract can be done with ease, online from anywhere, and depending on your where you upgrade from you could get your new iPhone the very same day from a store through Click & Collect or through delivery.

This new innovation from iStore puts you in control because it can be done from anywhere – at home, in your office, while waiting for a coffee or even inside an iStore.

As a Vodacom upgrade ready customer, you simply need to go to iStore’s website, login, and run through the 6 simple application steps. While you’re checking out, you can add accessories to complement your new iPhone upgrade and select the best way you’d like to get your phone.

The best part about this simple process is that you can pick up your new iPhone the very same day in-store, or get it delivered within 2 days straight to your doorstep.

iStore, home of all things iPhone, now making contract upgrades that much simpler and convenient for you. It’s 10 to iPhone anytime of the day! This upgrade deal is exclusive to iStore and the Vodacom network only.

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