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Easy-to-Use, Secure Platform that organises your Digital Life Needs

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 15 November 2022 – Samsung South Africa has announced the launch of Samsung Wallet1, a new digital platform that will enable local Galaxy lovers to organise digital keys (SmartThings car keys), access offline and online payments, membership cards, transportation cards, coupons and Samsung Passin one, easy-to-use and secure mobile application.

If you thought that Samsung Pay was great, then think again – it just got better! Now meet Samsung Wallet, with just one swipe up, you’re all in. Samsung local customers can now look forward to a combination of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass all in one where you can store passwords, addresses and card details for easier online browsing and shopping, along with your bank and membership cards.

According to Euromonitor Research (2021) – for most consumers, security and privacy are the foremost important factors in the usage of digital wallets. In this modern age – consumers look at losing their phones as an equivalent of losing their wallets. Samsung has taken all of this into consideration and made sure that Samsung Wallet is protected by defense-grade security from Samsung Knox. With Samsung Wallet – you will now have three (3) ways to pay. You can still swipe up from your Galaxy device home screen and open the app from its icon, but you can also open Samsung Wallet by double tapping the side key.

“Samsung Wallet is a one-stop solution in replacing a physical wallet. This digital innovation is definitely bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices with a totally safe and secure environment for storing digital keys, cards and more. As part of our ongoing commitment to open ecosystems, we will continue to expand on the capabilities of Samsung Wallet by working closely with our trusted, local partners and developers,” says Justin Hume, Vice President of Mobile Experience at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

It’s More than just a Payment Service

Samsung Wallet will now give local users a refined interface and one-swipe access to their payment cards, membership cards and much more.2 Samsung Wallet also incorporates the functionality of Samsung Pass which securely stores passwords and enables users to quickly and easily log into apps and services.3

Convenient Access to Home

With the integration of SmartThings and Samsung’s partnerships with well-known home security companies,6 local users can easily add digital home keys to conveniently lock and unlock their doors with a Galaxy device.

As Secure as It Is Simple, Protected by Samsung Knox

Samsung Wallet is protected by a defense-grade security platform, Samsung Knox. Protection include fingerprint recognition and encryption that will help safeguard local users’ sensitive data, so only the device owners can access their important information. Along with Samsung Knox, certain key sensitive items in Samsung Wallet are stored in an isolated environment — the embedded Secure Element, which also helps protect against digital and physical hacking.


This incredible platform will be available to local consumers from November 2022. Local Galaxy users will simply open Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass app from their eligible Galaxy devices9 and follow the prompts to update and migrate to Samsung Wallet, alternatively, you can visit the to learn more.