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Get the most out of Huawei’s Petal Search.

Petal Search, Huawei’s search engine has been updated with new and vibrant features, to bring device users a more immersive digital experience.  These new enhancements promise a comprehensive adventure of discovery and unique experiences as you explore news, apps, shopping deals, travel and more.

Consumers will be delighted that the search engine’s content is curated and specialised using local data, meaning you will have a personalised tool at your fingertips. Here are some of the exciting things you can do on Petal Search:

Travel, eat and stay in famous tourist cities around the world

As travel enthusiasts and adventurers who love to explore the world, both locally and globally, device users are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the latest travel deals. The Petal Search Travel tab enables users to reserve flights from Petal Search, book hotels around the world, search for information such as local shopping destinations, retail outlets, restaurants and much more.

On the same tab, you’ll also find articles and blogs that introduce you to popular attraction sites, travel guides and events that are happening in the area that you would like to travel to.  Whether it is camping, a luxury five-star stay, a beach house or a cruise, there’s something for everyone’s travel preference.


Find trending products on the Shopping tab

It’s almost the season to prepare for holidays and to make lists of all the shopping requirements you need. With the Petal Search Shopping tab, device users can discover and search for their favourite products. From Zando, Travelstart and Takealot, you can find some of the best-selling deals and items on sale. Shop anything you desire, from toys and games, beauty and fashion, electronics, to home and décor, and more. To make a purchase, all you need to do is select an item and directly follow the link provided.


Everyday tools that make your life easier

Petal Search is user-friendly, convenient and easy to use. The search engine is packaged with features such as ‘This day in history’, an educational and interesting page that informs you of iconic and monumental events and people. The ‘How-to’, ‘What to cook’ and ‘Petal Knowledge’ pages also equip consumers with information and learning experiences.

If you love to stay informed and find new experiences then these pages are certainly suitable not only for you but also for your children, friends and family.


Reimagine the way you search

Among the innovations in Petal Search are two cool features, a visual search feature that can search for and detect multiple objects using an image simultaneously and a voice search that enhances ease of use and accessibility.

To use the visual search, simply take an image of a product using your Huawei device or you or choose one from your gallery. Upload to Petal Search and then processes the image data. The search engine will then generate information such as how much it costs, where to buy it and can also make recommendations of other products that are similar.

The integrated voice search functionality allows you to make a command and find what you are looking for, using your voice. For those who are multilingual, this feature has now been expanded to include Over 19 languages in addition to English, Spanish and French.