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Fire up your workout sessions with these recommended music streaming tips

The perfect workout music can be the x factor you need to keep you going and pumped up to reach your fitness goals this season. Turn up the volume using HUAWEI Music features and find the best motivation to push you through even the toughest workout sessions.

When working out, music matters a lot more than you may think. Specific tunes, tempos, and rhythm elements may help finish the last few reps or set you up for a great running pace. Whether you enjoy upbeat or relaxing sounds, HUAWEI Music has something for you. The streaming platform aims to provide a high-quality and all-scenario music experience, with a vast music catalogue for you to create a series of playlists, especially curated for you.

Here are three great features that you can use to get the best out of your fitness sessions:

Find your pace with the running music feature

Changing your music can be just the thing you need to lighten up your mood and change your attitude towards running that 5KM whether on the treadmill or on the road.

Tailored specially for workouts, HUAWEI Music’s Running Music feature provides songs to warm up, exercise and cool down to. Simply use music as your metronome and find songs that match your running pace.

Thankfully, there’s a list of albums you can select. These range from Feel Good Music Power Walking Music Club, Pumping Running Tracks, 100 Running Smash Hits, Club Cardio Classics, and Top Tracks for Treadmill, amongst many more. Be sure to try these out for your next run or walk!

Customise your listening experience

Create the best listening experience for yourself with a variety of audio modes. You can choose to highlight the bass, simulate the acoustics, or adapt the music for enclosed spaces. To achieve this, use Huawei’s Histen sound effects that come with a 3D Audio mode, to add a layer of depth that produces a more immersive soundscape.

Whether you are strength training, doing yoga or Pilates, you can find the right audio mode to fire up your energy levels and your focus.

Discover new music for new workouts

Tired of listening to the same music all the time and want to switch things up? Change is always good when you are working towards your fitness goals. To avoid staying stagnant and having the aim of progressing to even greater results, it’s important that you change how you do your workouts. Naturally, you may also want to change up your regular playlist.

Equipped with an AI matching system, HUAWEI Music can identify multiple songs playing elsewhere, other than on your HUAWEI Music app, and generate playlists automatically for you. You can identify the title of any music you are listening to and add these directly into playlists.

So what are you waiting for? Optimise your music experience by streaming all the songs, albums, and artists you want, while working on your dream body. You can also discover a vast catalogue of music, personalised radio stations and curated playlists for every mood and occasion on HUAWEI Music.