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Enel Green Power signs the EU Diversity Charter

Enel Green Power has become the first renewable energy company in Greece to sign the country’s Diversity Charter, but this is just one example of the Enel Group’s role in promoting diversity and inclusion wherever it operates.

Engaging companies to implement diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace and exchanging and sharing experiences and good practices through platform meetings, expert seminars and annual high-level forums. These are the main goals of the European Union Platform of Diversity Charters, which was created in 2010 under the umbrella of the European Commission and is promoted in all European member states. The result is a large peer network of private companies, NGOs and public bodies acting in concert to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies. 

And as part of commitment to equality and equal opportunities, Enel Group have become the first renewable energy company to sign the Diversity Charter in Greece.

“This shows the commitment of our company to supporting all types of diversity and inclusion based on four main pillars: zero discriminationequal opportunity, an inclusive workplace and respect for the balance between professional and personal life.”

Indeed, as the European Commission states, by signing a charter, an organization voluntarily commits to promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of age, disability, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.

Greek philosophy

The Greek Diversity Charter was established in 2019 and so far 150 private companies representing a combined total of 50,000 employees have joined it.  When we recently signed the Charter, Aristotelis Chavantas, Head of the Europe Area at EGP, said: “Our company is a global family, which respects and takes pride in its support for diversity. Equal opportunity and inclusiveness are the key pillars in our daily work activities in all the countries where we operate. We are proud to be the first company in our industry to sign the Charter, proving that we are committed to supporting diversity, both in the workplace and in society in general.”

Our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities was recognized during this signing ceremony by Stavros Milionis, Head of the Diversity Charter Greece, who said: “With the four key corporate values of Enel Green Power being transparency, credibility, innovation, and foresight, it is natural for the company to be a member of the Diversity Charter for Greek Companies. The signing of the Charter signals our cooperation in designing and implementing activities to defend the principles and values of diversity.”


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