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As South Africa celebrates all things women this August, Dr. Sheryl Smithies, a highly regarded dental specialist based in Cape Town, has emerged as a prominent advocate for empowering female dentists. 

With her own successful dental practice and a passion for helping people achieve confident smiles, Dr. Smithies has made it her mission to support and uplift women in the dental profession.

Having entered the business arena in 2011 with the establishment of her own dental practice, Dr. Smithies has continued to be a trailblazer for women in dentistry. “I absolutely love my work as I can help people with their smiles and their self-confidence. It makes me happy to make them happy,” says Dr. Smithies, reflecting on her journey.

Women in dentistry often play a challenging yet fulfilling role, known for their natural caregiving approach, gentleness, and consideration in the dental environment. However, Dr. Smithies believes that many women in this  field tend to undervalue themselves and their capabilities, often charging less for their services and potentially being taken advantage of more easily. She emphasises that such challenges are not unique to dentistry but are faced by women across various business sectors.

In her quest to bridge the gender gap and empower more women in the field, Dr. Smithies encourages female dentists to prioritise themselves and their abilities. “Women can help close the gender gap by claiming their capabilities more and putting themselves first, for once,” she affirms. 

Recognising the multitude of responsibilities women often shoulder with work, business, family, and children, she highlights the importance of a like-minded support network for bouncing ideas and seeking guidance. As a role model in the dental sector, Dr. Smithies is committed to guiding and mentoring younger dentists. 

In her effort to promote unity and collective growth, Dr. Smithies encourages women to connect with business groups and associations. These affiliations offer not only valuable friendships and contacts but also a treasure trove of knowledge that can aid in business expansion.

She also believes that keeping pace with technological advancements is crucial, as the disparity between these innovations and traditional dental education widens. Dr. Smithies passionately advocates that all women should have the right to build their own businesses and achieve financial independence and so uses her lectures on advanced treatments to equip the younger generation of dentists with the knowledge and experience necessary to build successful practices.

“Young females should view business as a right,” she asserts. “Gone are the days where women are to be stuck at home unless that is their choosing. All women should be able to build a business and personal income for themselves.”

With pioneering women like Dr. Sheryl Smithies leading the way, the path for women in dentistry and business is set to become brighter and more inclusive. Her commitment to empowering female dentists and her role as a mentor exemplify the positive change that women can drive in the business landscape.

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An aesthetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetic specialist, Dr Sheryl Smithies believes that understanding the frame of your face and smile - is key to your personal beauty.

Dr Smithies knows that mapping out the path to the perfect natural you has been made infinitely more accurate and less invasive with the innovation of digital technology. As one of the top Cape Town digital aesthetic dentists, Dr Smithies is passionate about enabling her patients to achieve their desired look without hesitations about the dental procedures or any doubt about their results.  A perfectionist at heart, she takes great pride in the quality of her work and the profound positive impact it has on her patient's lives.

Dr Smithies was drawn to cosmetic dentistry because it strikes a perfect balance between art and medical science.  It is too often the case that people have negative experiences and unsatisfactory treatment outcomes at the dentist. Dr Smithies is determined to change that, and she takes great pleasure in knowing that she can give her patients both the perfect frame and the perfect smile for their unique facial structure. However, the work she does is more than skin deep. Through reconstructive intervention, she improves the quality of life for her patients who have had their smiles damaged over the years and ensures they can smile, laugh and eat with confidence and without pain.