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I Found You As An Exhausted Soul

It was a response apprehended to her for what she did thinking was conveying an understanding;

That each of our “broken souls” are  emerging from a “broken” setup (structures) merely trying to make out with life through each of our own scope of reference.

Common sense being a choice of whether to use or not like an underwear: Exhausted! Yes!… Hit the bull in the eye, did it not?

Perhaps it is the precision in the statement is what made the mood somber. Generally dear reader, we all broken from some form of experience, either from the past, the future or the present which is nothing but a gift. And that may be why this perplexed thing is called ‘Life’ the existence of species. Nevertheless, the brokenness need not telepathy whether we live or die. It is up to you and I to keep trying, keep hoping and lastly to keep trying harder. It is far more comfortable to languish than live.

She was exhausted from her childhood, perhaps she was one of those who had to mature before time, those who we later view as pretending to know too much when in actual fact they do because overgrowth is what occurs to humans just as with flowers constantly having to get a trim when in an uncared for landscape.

She may have been exhausted from wishful thinking of her father having been a better man. Exhausted from always expecting real love when all she needed was to give some of that to her own self. Exhausted, yes from being made to feel disposable because she  senses a sense of under-appreciation, but she chose the loyalty did she not!?

Yes, Exhausted! From choosing not to believe when it is said “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” as a result of her big heart. Exhausted from letting light into darkness only for it to be the full shade of her oyster,

Like a potter does with clay on his hands. That exhaustion though, could be her strength, without it… coming to think of it, she would not have the insight on what exactly it means to live, that being to build thyself from the aging decay of our experience which comes not with age however, as a way of the heart feeling, eyes having had to see and the mouth has had to utter to date. Maturing from damage and not age? Some truth to that? She made those choices, She opened the door to herself for them like that.

Exhausted Alright!!!