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Healthier choices to create a healthier you

By 2028, the global botanical extract market is expected to reach USD 9.62 billion at an annual growth rate of 9.6%. Due to their unique flavour and health benefits, botanical extracts are increasingly used in food and beverage applications. With a holistic approach to creating value throughout the entire supply chain of health and wellness companies, ImpiloVest has announced that it is launching Afritaste as a subsidiary of the group. 

Keeping a healthy weight can be achieved by consuming a healthy diet and staying physically active. However, good nutrition has many other benefits as well, such as reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Afritaste’s goal is to help clients improve and expand their product offerings in the market by reimagining possibilities, improving production processes, and ensuring that their products meet the specifications and regulations of the markets where they intend to operate. 

Health, food and beverage will be the focus of ImpiloVest’s newest division, Afritaste. The company’s processing methods ensure the distinct taste and health qualities of natural plants are retained in the products. The high-quality flavour portfolio includes savoury, botanicals, alcohol, fruity, confectionery, and taste modulators.

“The raw materials we use in our cold-pressed oils and botanical products are high-quality raw materials from sustainable sources. There is no limit to what our powder blends, concentrates, and syrups can do for your product needs. With our expertise, we can match the taste requirements of any community, anywhere in the world,” says Afritaste Director, Donnie Malherbe. 

Managing Director of Afriplex, Arno Roux, says the Afritaste product line provides customers with additional health, wellness, and function benefits while maintaining taste. “Whether you’re looking for products with mood-boosting properties or products with mental or physical benefits – Afritaste has something for everyone.”

The ImpiloVest holdings group consists of various companies which serve three portfolios, including cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. Within the manufacturing division is Afriplex, a South African company rooted in the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts, complementary medicine,  and food and beverage product solutions. 

Afritaste falls under the Afriplex banner, explains ImpiloVest’s Business Development Director, Paul Nunes. “To contribute to the holistic wellness model, ImpiloVest looks beyond alternative medicines to the consumption of healthy foods as part of providing a holistic experience for patients and consumers,” Nunes concluded.

About ImpiloVest

ImpiloVest was founded to provide a holistic approach to creating value throughout the entire supply chain of health and wellness companies. Our business model is based on a vision to create value from source to shelf by providing quality solutions in health and wellness.  

We focus on innovation and technology to unlock opportunities and grow businesses throughout their value chains. We believe this will allow us to transform industries and positively impact people’s lives, communities, and the environment. Our mission is to create global health and wellness solutions.

We partner with like-minded companies that are committed to protecting our planet, supporting human rights, and promoting fair labour practices. Our partners are aligned with our principles and support us in strengthening our purpose.  The ImpiloVest model has been proven to deliver exceptional financial results, in addition to social upliftment and empowerment of communities.