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CATL and BMW Group reach framework agreement on cylindrical battery supply

CATL and BMW Group announced a multi-year agreement on the supply of cylindrical battery cells to power the German carmaker’s new series of electric models of its NEUE KLASSE starting from 2025.

According to the agreement, CATL will deliver to BMW Group the new cylindrical battery cells, which come with a standard diameter of 46 millimeters and will be produced at two of CATL’s future battery plants in China and Europe, each with an annual capacity of up to 20 GWh dedicated to BMW Group.

Powered by CATL’s new round cells, the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology used in the NEUE KLASSE is a major leap in EV technology with regards to energy density, charging speed and range. 

The agreement builds on the two companies’ shared commitment to building a sustainable and in future circular battery value chain. CATL will primarily utilize renewable energies and secondary materials for the production of the high-performance battery cells. Cobalt and lithium used for the new generation of battery cells will be sourced from certified mines. 

The combination of BMW Group’s NEUE KLASSE architecture and CATL’s top-notch low-carbon battery technologies will enable both companies to maintain their leading position in e-mobility transition in Europe and the world, marking another important milestone for the special partnership between the two companies with shared vision for a greener future. 

 “The BMW Group is a special and primary partner to CATL, and we are very glad to expand our strategic partnership that has been forged and strengthened over the past 11 years. With our diverse cutting-edge portfolio of products and technologies, we are confident to offer the best solution to power BMW Group’s future-generation electric luxury vehicles,” said Robin Zeng, founder and Chairman of CATL.” We look forward to developing and delivering more competitive and sustainable solutions for our partners to promote global drive for e-mobility and energy transition.”

“We are delighted that the BMW Group and CATL are expanding their successful cooperation. We will continue our partnership for the next generation of battery cells from 2025 onwards,” said Joachim Post, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network.” CATL is a strong, dedicated partner that values sustainable action just as much as we do. Our two companies will continue to lead the way in the future and are clearly committed to sustainable, environmentally-responsible practices.”