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STARTUP CAPS launches on CNBC Africa

STARTUP CAPS, a new show which aims to champion the continent’s startup ecosystem, launched last night on CNBC Africa.

Backed by Africa’s leading digital payments gateway Onafriq, the show will tackle the latest happenings in the African startup space as well as profiling investors, startup founders, and other significant players in the ecosystem.

Each episode in the first season of the show will encompass an important theme within the continental startup space, ranging from specific technology sectors (such as fintech and agritech) to ecommerce, female founders, and artificial intelligence. Each industry segment offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing startups in Africa and contributes to the broader narrative of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

According to STARTUP CAPS anchor Tania Habimana, the show’s launch comes at a critical juncture for the African startup ecosystem.

“In 2023, we saw African startup investment fall for the first time in almost a decade,” she says. “That decline was largely the result of global macroeconomic conditions and has nothing to do with the quality of startups in Africa, many of which are building world-class solutions to some of the globe’s most pressing problems.”

“Now more than ever,” she adds, “it’s vital that we highlight the incredible work being done by those startups and demonstrate to the world what African investors and entrepreneurs are capable of. With more than 1.7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are young, the continent is easily capable of becoming the next global nexus for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

For Dare Okoudjou, CEO and Founder of sponsor Onafriq, the show’s remit of discovering, validating, and showcasing Africa’s top enterprises to the world resonates with his own company’s mission.

“At Onafriq, we’ve connected more than 500 million mobile money wallets across 1 300 payment corridors in over 40 African countries,” he says. “So we know first-hand how powerful connections can be, which is why we are committed to making borders matter less. STARTUP CAPS could play a vital role not just in showcasing the African startup ecosystem but also in fostering connections within it.”

STARTUP CAPS premieres on 30 April and will air weekly on Tuesdays at 17:30 on CNBC Africa, Dstv channel 410.

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Onafriq is a pan-African payments company which enables interoperable cross-border and domestic digital payments.

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STARTUP CAPS is brought to you  by Onafriq, broadcast on CNBC Africa amplified by Nonzēro Africa.