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Get rewarded with cash back even if you claim on your insurance

Car and home insurer, Momentum Insure, is bucking the trend with their newly launched cashback programme – Safety Returns – that rewards clients who take steps to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones. “It may seem unconventional, but we want to encourage South Africans to be safe and to reward them for it,” says Dipesh Radia, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum Insure.

“Our goal is to reward our clients for taking the necessary steps to keep safe on the roads, at home or wherever they may be. We reward them with an annual cashback bonus for engaging with our various safety-focused features available on the Momentum App and their cashback is not penalised if they submit a valid claim,” says Radia.

The Safety Returns rewards programme is free to clients who have either car or building cover or both with Momentum Insure and who engage with the company’s in-app safety-focused features:

  • Safe DayzTM is an in-app feature that records and scores a client’s travel journeys. A daily score of 80% or more earns them one safe day, which contributes to their overall Safety Returns score. Clients can also earn a safe day for non-travel days or for using the Gautrain.
  • The Safety Score questionnaire, is a list of questions about the safety measures that clients have put in place to make them feel safer on the road, at home, or wherever they are. This includes installing electric fencing around their home or carrying out regular safety checks on their car. Extra points are awarded for uploading documents or proof of safety measures, such as an up-to-date service history or proof of a car safety check, etc.
  • Safety Alert is a free, mobile panic button that will dispatch armed and medical responders, around the country, to protect clients and one other user of their choice whenever they feel unsafe.
  • Clients also earn points when they use other self-service features, such as submitting a claim, via the Momentum app or website.

Momentum Insure gives clients up to 30% of their paid premiums back, every year, when they register for Safety Returns and take these simple steps to ensure their safety. Rather than rewarding clients for not claiming, Momentum Insure rewards clients for staying safe. Clients can track the accumulation of their Safety Rewards points and their cashbacks on the Momentum App. The latest enhancements include a calculator where clients can experiment and tailor their engagement with the company’s safety-focused features to see how this impacts their cashback earnings.

“We believe that when our customers feel safe, they are confident, which accelerates their journey to success and empowers them to live their life to the fullest. We want to give our clients the confidence of knowing that we have their back when it comes to safety and that safety can be truly rewarding,” says Radia