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Nurturing Creative Expression in South African Youth to Drive Lasting Impact in Education

BIC Sheds Light on the Connection Between Creativity and Effective Problem Solving

comprehensive study conducted by the Department of Basic Education and UNICEF has shed light on the significance of creativity in unlocking the potential of every child. The study emphasises that creativity serves as a force that moulds the lives of young children, enabling them to generate fresh ideas, solve complex problems, and delve into the wonders of the world surrounding them. 


Furthermore, a recent article published in The Guardian documents concerns raised by doctors regarding the decline in children’s ability to hold pencils properly, primarily due to excessive use of technology. The article suggests that the increased reliance on touchscreen devices and digital tools may hinder the development of children’s fine motor skills and dexterity. As a result, occupational therapists advise parents, teachers, and guardians to incorporate stationary activities into children’s routines to promote skill development, refine motor control, and prepare them for academic tasks requiring fine motor skills.

BIC, a world leader in stationery, is firmly committed to promoting and nurturing the creativity and development of South Africa’s youth. To further support this commitment, the company  is proud to introduce a new addition to its product portfolio—the 4 Colours pen. Designed specifically for doodling, this innovative tool aims to inspire creativity among young individuals, helping them discover their artistic abilities and fostering problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and fine motor skills development through writing or drawing, leveraging stimulating colours.

Lillian Henderson, Marketing Director Southern and Eastern Africa at BIC, said: “Creativity is fundamental in education and the development of students at all levels of their learning journey. Stemming from our commitment to improving learning conditions for students in the communities in which we operate, we aim to encourage them to unleash their creativity and beautify their surroundings to enhance their learning environments.”

Through the #ColourTomorrow campaign, BIC seeks to inspire children to explore their artistic abilities while simultaneously enhancing their manual dexterity through the joy of drawing and writing. By supporting and encouraging creative expression, BIC envisions a future where young minds are empowered to thrive, and their creativity knows no bounds.


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