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Telkom Provides a Platform for the Future Stars of Netball

As a consistent supporter of the development of netball in the country, Telkom has taken significant strides towards fostering growth in netball by establishing an exceptional platform for young players, through its tournament, Telkom Netball Championships (TNC).

This prestigious netball tournament aims to identify and nurture the best young talent in the country, with the ultimate goal of representing South Africa at an international level. With the talent scouts in attendance the tournament offers unparalleled opportunities for netball players to display their skills and pursue their dreams in the competitive sporting world.

The 2023 TNC came to an exhilarating end in Cape Town with U18 Western Cape Willows and U17 Gauteng Lamda coming out victorious against their opponents in the week-long tournament.

Jenny Van Dyk, the national coach for Botswana, U21 South African National Coach, and the Tuks Varsity Netball coach, is a highly respected and influential figure in the industry. She also serves as a talent scout for the U19 national netball team. Jenny is on the lookout for players who possess a feisty and tenacious nature, demonstrating unwavering determination and a competitive spirit on the court. Her ideal candidates are those who thrive under pressure, remaining unshaken and showing a strong will to succeed.

“With more eyes on women’s sports, there is a much greater need to provide platforms for young athletes that not only increases participation in a specific sport but also increases the talent pool that enhances the quality of players nationwide,” says van Dyk.

Leveraging her extensive knowledge and industry network, van Dyk plays a vital role in identifying the most promising individuals with the potential to become professional netball athletes.

“I am honoured to be a part of the championship with Telkom, witnessing their unwavering dedication to nurturing the future of netball. They have created a platform where young talents can thrive and soar to new heights. Telkom’s commitment to developing the next generation of netball stars is truly commendable, as they provide incredible opportunities for success at the highest level and the rise of the netball stars of tomorrow.” says van Dyk.

To witness Telkom’s efforts in making netball an accessible sport for girls and women in South Africa, highlights of the 2023 Telkom Netball Championships can be viewed on SuperSport Schools.

Telkom extends its gratitude to all netball lovers, team supporters, and enthusiasts across the country who joined in supporting the young players and encouraged them to embrace their individuality and Stand Tall for their dreams. For more information on Telkom’s involvement in netball, visit Instagram or Twitter.